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December count, and FINAL NUMBERS for 2020!!!

Hey everyone, it's time for THE FINAL COUNT OF 2020!!!


December is traditionally a big month for us and you guys didn't disappoint! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Image word total: 890 x 1,000. This is up by 140 images from last month!

Written word total: 3,758,342. This is up by an unbelieveable 779,838 from November!!!

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE! rat-tat-tatat-tat-dada-dadum!

1_million_words Total words for 2020: 4,648,342


It's not last year's five mill, but it's still FREAKING AMAZING!, considering all we've been through in 2020. Give yourselves a pat on the back! Now, come to the party in the comments and celebrate!

This year, I'd love to hear something, no matter how big or small, from everyone who contributed - tell us what you're most personally proud of doing in 2020, AND/OR, do you have a compliment about someone else in the comm? Maybe they wrote the MOST incredible fic that you love; maybe they made a great graphic, or maybe they were just your inspiration or lent an ear when you needed it.

COME ON DOWN TO THE PARTY and tell us about it in a comment!

And of course, we're starting fresh for a new year now, so keep your numbers somewhere safe, and I'll get the count posts up for 2021 as soon as I can! We'll also announce what's happening with monthly challenges soon, and be asking for volunteers for things as well, so keep watching!

And.... let's be creative out there!!! ;-)
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FINAL COUNT FOR 2019! The numbers are in!

Hey everyone, it's time for THE FINAL COUNT OF THE YEAR!!!


December was a big month for us; we had a lot of people pushng hard to get in more numbers for the final month of the year, and a bunch of you added in all your numbers for the whole year, so things are looking AWESOME! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Image word total: 2,103 x 1,000. This is up by 278 images this month; this is AMAZING!!!

Written word total: 3,069,259. This is up by an incredible 689,585!!!

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE! rat-tat-tatat-tat-dada-dadum!

1_million_words Total words for 2019: 5,172,259


[edit 07/01/20 - a few extra words and graphics added]

We're starting afresh for a new year of course, so keep those numbers safe, and I'll get the count posts up for 2020 as soon as I can! We'll also announce what's happening with monthly challenges soon, and be asking for volunteers for things as well, so keep watching!

And.... let's be creative out there!!! ;-)
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OMG, everyone!!!! WE COMPLETELY DID IT!!!

The count for December, and the WHOLE YEAR goes like this:

Image word: 3,374 x 1,000. This is up by a phenomenal 527!!!

Written word: 2,845,965. This is up from the last count by an absolutely stunning 488,628!! (almost half a mill, folks!)

1_million_words FINAL WORD COUNT FOR 2018: 6,219,965!!!

Yes, you read that right: SIX MILLION WORDS!!!


So grab yourself a virtual drink here at Chez_1MW and CELEBRATE!!!


PS: if you didn't update your numbers and want to, please PM me with your final written and graphic words for the year and I'll add them in.
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Honestly, I've felt more fail than fair this year, but now, looking at this. WE DID SO AWESOME! *cue the confetti*

Flail and squee and flail and squee

Image word: 2585 x 1,000. That's an average of 7 graphic a day! That's pretty snazzy!

Written word: 3,501,551. Almost 9600 words a day! WE ARE SO VERY VERY AWESOME!!! (Btw written words increased by over a million words in December!

1_million_words Total words for 2017 6,086,551!!


That's how awesome we did in 2017!

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Okay, no, we didn't make last year's numbers, but we did pretty damn stunning. Go through the list of numbers that people posted of their counts and look at what your friends have done. We all get down on ourselves, think we aren't doing what we think we 'should'. But those numbers, man! Those numbers say that we are pretty freaking amazing. A group of friends, encouraging each other to go for it at their hobbies got together over twelve and a half million bits of creation! BEAT THAT WITH A STICK! I'm crying now from the swell of the awesome.

Here are the numbers:

Image word: 8,925 x 1,000. This is up 513 from last month! GO US!

Written word: 3,719,731. Up an insane 698,984 from last month! SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND!

That means the increase for the month was ONE POINT TWO MILLION!!!!! And you think you were slacking!

1_million_words Total words 2016: 12,664,731!

I am so very proud to count you all as friends. So proud to count myself amoung you.

Look out 2017!
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I have hysterical tears of joy!

I can't even scream, I'm that over the moon.

If you ever doubted yourself/us/people's ability to work together, THAT TIME IS OVER!



That's right, I asked you all to put in your best efforts and get us that one more word to get us over last year's total. And you went out and got us 1,808,470 more word than we did last year. WE WENT TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!

Here's the numbers:

Image word: 10,927 x 1,000 Up 3,840. The biggest big ever! EVER!

Written word: 5,064,362 Up 953,928 I CAN'T BREATHE!

1_million_words Total words through the end of 2015: 15,991,362!

This is a quote from last month: August and September saw increases at about 400k each, October was MASSIVE with 736k. November knocked it out of the park with an increase of 907,340! December's over-all increase was 4,793,928. Yeah, over FOUR MILLION WORDS in one month!

I don't even know what to say to everyone. This is stunning. WELL DONE EVERYONE! Don't doubt the awesome!
Go you!
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First, to the people who look at that number and give up a sad little sigh, I say this: The difference is over 800k, meaning that if any one person even doubled their output in December, we would not have made the 15 million. But the amount of people who did race forward this month, and did double their output, has been amazing. We posted 907 graphics this month! We posted 579,863 in written words in DECEMBER! There are only 3 people who did that in graphics all year, and there is NO ONE who did it written words!

To everyone: Put on your party hats because we picked up December by the scruff of it's neck and shook it long and hard until we had everything countable taken from it! It's time to dance, people! So many of us pushed until the last minute, my inbox is heaving, I'm surprised I haven't heard from lj with a Um... no.

In one month, we added almost 1.5 million words to our count this year! WE REIGN SUPREME!!!

Now to the fancy big numbers!


The way it's gone is:

Image word: 10,304 x 1,000 This is up 907! (increase in November was only 244!)

Written word: 3,878,891 This is up 579,863! (increase in November was only 157,510!)

1_million_words total for the end of 2014: 14,182,891!

Congrats to you all - you are so far beyond amazing! *throws confetti*

When I tell you that every word makes a difference... well, here is the proof. Everything you add, everything you create, makes some other creative mind think I could do something like that or What if I did this and more creative projects are spawned. Because of this we will continue to be amazing and inspiring!

Now, 2015, LOOK OUT!