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A community to promote writing and creativity. We will write <s>one</s> 4 million words this year!
It started like this:

I WANT TO WRITE A MILLION WORDS!!! Well, not by myself, but I want to help get a million words written! I've had some nice discussions lately with people about writing and some lovely reviews of what was written last year, and now I'm motivated.

Only now it's grown! We did the million words! We did ten million words! In 2015 we did 15 million words! in 2016 we produced 12.6 million, and in 2017 and 2018 we did just over 6 million for each with a reduced number of active members (but you know, every word is a good thing!). And in 2019, let's do as much as we can! We're aiming for: 4 million! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO JOIN IN!

These millions of words aren't to do anything but serve as a driving point to do more and to become better artists/writers. We're not giving anything to charity for it, we most likely won't cure even a hangnail!

We'll need writers, graphic artists, cheerleaders, coaches, betas, critiquers... ALL THE THINGS. Fandom doesn't matter, original fiction is beautiful.

What do we do here? What ever it takes to get more creativity out of you. We've got prompts, challenges, discussions, groups, accolades, critiques, squees, interviews, round-robins, and pushy people checking your goals if you want them to!

How do you join? Click on the word "join" above. Membership is moderated but everyone is accepted. Participate as much or as little as you'd like, help out where you can, send a Go You when you get the chance, and update your count of image/written words every month.