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Original fic: end of year post

Hey everyone! I am late with this post - it was supposed to be last Monday, but things were crazy last week and LJ was also playing up for me, so after discussion with the ever-gracious kaige68, I am posting today, as I couldn't finish the year without some kind of wrap up for those of you who write original fic.

So come on down and tell me:

1. How did you do with your original stories this year? Better than last year? Worse?
2. How many original words (approx will do if you don't have an absolute count) this year?
3. Did you finish anything?
4. What are most proud of? Want to share a story or excerpt?
5. Any other thoughts or comments?

1. I did way better than last year! I only wrote one tiny bit last year - 218 words!
2. I managed 4062 original words this year! (including poetry)
3. I managed to finish and post an original fic I had pottered around with over a few years!
4. I am proud of adding a scene to an old idea I had some years back, that I have plotted out in my head but never managed to write much of before: So - Rug extract (1296 words, PG-13. warning: dark themes, sexual abuse mentioned).
And there's the afore-mentioned fic that took a few years to finish: Broken Images (3569 words, NC-17, M/M/F threesome)
5. I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR! Thank you to all the original writers who commented or joined in with these monthly posts this year. You guys are awesome and your orig words helped boost our overall total wonderfully! I hope you'll come back with more next year! Don't stop writing!

Your turn now! ;-)
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