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Slow Sated Sunday - the Sunday Blues Edition

slowsatedSundayWhere do the weeks go? Really? It's time to say farewell to Slow Sated Sundays for 2014, already. This week... a prompt to sunset it both literally and figuratively...

If you get the Sunday Blues, you know what a drag it is to feel the pleasure of the weekend slide away, to be replaced with that nagging, whiny, inner-ten-year-old sniffling about how it doesn't want to 'go to school' tomorrow. Blech. And so our prompt is...

Let me help chase away your Sunday Blues.

Write us a fic with one of your characters helping the other(s) chase away the Sunday Blues -whether they do it in a way that's romantic, or with a new adult toy, or with a bathroom full of candles, bubbles and shots of flavored vodka. Actually...that sounds kind of awesome.

No pressure, no need for a ton of plot - just Sunday and your fictional darlings playing it slow and sated. :)

For those of you entering Summer, enjoy it for your own sake and for the the rest of us, too! For those of us greeting winter-- hey, the shortest day of the year is almost behind us. Hope the week treats you well - back on 12/25 with the next challenge, and fresh Thursday Tropes every week!
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