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Birthday time again!

The 13th is the wonderful penombrelilas' birthday! So join with me in wishing Penom a most

Happy Happy Birthday!

Bring out your gifts, or get to work on them now and have them ready to post/link here before the next 24 hours or so rolls by! Penom, please track this post so you can see your gifts and wishes as they arrive!



Types of gifts requested: anything :)
Main fandoms: The Walking Dead, Sherlock, Game of Thrones/ASoIaF, Resident Evil, Firefly
Genre/style, subject etc: backstory, sibling relationships (however you want to interpret that ;) ) I'm happy with anything from slice-of-life gen to kinky porn/gratuitous violence and in between :D
Prompts and/or special requests: RE/TWD crossover, Merle+Daryl, Michonne, Carol. Something I'd really love to see is Daryl's reaction upon seeing this new bamf!Carol OR a version in which Daryl flees with lil' asskicker.
Mycroft+Sherlock, Jim+Irene; Jaime+Cersei; Leon/Ada, Chris+Claire; (Simon+)River
Also, I have a lot of communities/tumblrs and stuff that could benefit from layouts, banners, icons &c. that fit their theme if you're more into that thing. Among them are 31_days on dreamwidth,
AO3, tumblr and twitter, reedusredux on tumblr dealing with the roles of Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon is the new Chuck Norris on tumblr and probably other places I can't think of now.
Dislikes/squicks: Bethyl, excessive fluff, OOCness
In the unlikely event that you should choose RE, please go easy on the references from games 5 and 6, because I still haven't played those. :)

Don't be shy, folks, offer up whatever you can, no matter how small! ;-) Have a wonderful day, Penom! ;-)
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