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Weekly Challenge - Making A List and Checking It Twice

Since it's just about 2 weeks 'til Christmas, I thought I go with a holiday theme for this week's weekend challenge. I've got 5 lists - Christmas Decorations (1-10), Christmas Foods (11-20), Christmas Songs (21-30), Christmas Activities (31-40), and Christmas images (41-50). You decide which list(s) you'd like your prompts to come from then give me a number(s) from the list and I'll give your prompt(s).  You can ask for as many or as few prompts as you (or more) from each list or all from one list.  It's up to you.

Once you get your prompt(s) either write a fic with a minimum of 100 words or the the graphic equivalent of it (or video equivalent or whatever else your creative muse demands) by the end of the weekend and either I or the ever so helpful bluedelft will reward you with a spectacular graphic.  (Hope I'm not building it up too much.  *LOL*)

I you find a prompt doesn't work for you, feel free to ask for a new number.

So, limber up those elves (since it's December, it's got to be elves and muses) and let's get some holiday creations...or I'm gonna start singing all the Christmas carols on the list...and that could be very, very bad.

Just for today, if you request anything off the images list, I won't be able to get those to you until later tonight when I get home from work since they're on my home computer.
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