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OMG! I am so bad. I have not even posted in early December to let you know all the birthdays for this month! In my defence, November and early December are crazy in this part of the world because not only is Christmas on the horizon, but it's also the end of the school year, so please forgive me for being so disorganised. I will post again tonight from home to let you know who the other birthdays are for this month, but in the meantime, the 9th is snowstormskies' birthday, so join me in wishing Snow


I haven't had time to make Snow a birthday banner, but if anyone else has the skills and would like to do so, please attach/link it in the comments! Snow, I hope you have an awesome day and that the year ahead is one of your best!

Types of gifts wanted: Icons, please, maybe banners, no words. (I can write words myself, I cannot do pictures/pretty to save my life.)
Main fandoms: Tokio Hotel, Hannibal, Pacific Rim, Adam Lambert.
Genre/style, subject etc: I like sarcasm, I like pretty, I like most anything. Reaction gifs are always a bonus.
Prompts and/or special requests: Good quality images are nice - if someone needs them, I have 1000s at my disposal for most things. :D

So come on down, everyone, and offer up some gifts for Snow! And please track this post, Snow, to see your gifts as they arrive. ;-)
Tags: challenge: birthdays
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