ThatWasJustaDream (thtwzjustadream) wrote in 1_million_words,

Slow Sated Sunday

Time is of the essence this Sunday! Only one more weekend left after this for slow and sated in 2014 before our seasonal change to a new challenge. So maybe time is also the driving force in our prompt this week. As in...

There will be slow, there will be sated, we will take care of us first...

Give us a fic where your characters are waking up with what's due to get done already burning into their minds, making them jump out of bed and hit the shower faster than is normal for them even on a work day.  It could be holiday shopping, or cleaning for a party they're hosting this week, or any of the many things demanding take care of me now!

But maybe one of your pair or trio gets their priorities straight and woos the other(s) to put it all aside. Do they set a time and say 'we are all ours until 'x' o'clock....' or do they maybe agree to take on more of the chores later? Is the other person easily swayed or not?

I think the thing I like about this Slow Sated Sundays is there doesn't have to be a ton of hurt to call for some comfort. It's kind of a nice idea, huh?

 Good luck, hope it brings you words, and happy end of the year to you all!

Tags: challenge: slow sated sunday
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