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December WIP Push

It's time for the big push, peeps! Get out the WIP you're working on for the next twenty-three days and start your engines! You have until the 25th to finish writing your WIP of choice. How many words you do in a day is entirely up to you, but the aim of this challenge is to finish something you've had in progress for too long. If you finish one and you want to move on to another that's perfectly okay too!

The rules are these:

1) It must be something that you have started before December.
2) It must be at least 2,000 words when finished (or the graphic equivalent).
3) It must be posted and linked to the comm by 1 minute past midnight on the 26th Eastern Standard Time. However we will allow that if you are having your work beta read, it must be to the beta by that time, then posted and linked before the end of 30th.
4) There is no 4th rule.

There will be prizes, and accolades!

Tags: challenge: wip push
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