Are 6 dogs too many? (tkeylasunset) wrote in 1_million_words,
Are 6 dogs too many?

Thanksgiving Weekend Challenge (a little early)

Since my Thanksgiving weekend started today (Yay - no school or work until Monday!) I decided to post the challenge today. For all our American peeps, Thanksgiving is a very busy time so maybe posting early will help you squeeze in writing time. (For our non-American peeps, sure hope you don't mind the early timeframe!)

I have found quotes on Thanksgiving, Family, and Desserts. You can have as many of each as you want! Just give me the topic and the quote number(s) you want. Thanksgiving has 35 quotes, Family 40 quotes, and Desserts 60 quotes.

So your request might look like this:

Thanksgiving, quote 3 & 18
Family, quote 39
Dessert, quote 9 & 59

Or something.

Anyway, post your requests and I'll reply with your quotes as quickly as I can.

Have a safe and fabulous holiday and/or weekend!
Tags: weekend: challenge
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