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Monday Madness: Recs!


So here we are, almost through November again... where on earth does the time go? Anyhoo, since some of us have been slogging our way through a major writing month, it must be time to read some stories instead! How about people rec some wonderfully light-hearted or down-right funny favourites that are always fun to read?

One of my recs that always makes me laugh and is so deliciously written is one of the first fanfics I ever read:
Hurricane Jack by Shrift (POTC: Jack Sparrow/Will Turner, NC-17)
If I've rec'd it before, it's worth reccing again! Seriously good writer, Shrift. :)

Now, how about you, dear members? Any fandom (or none), something funny, fair amusing or hilariously wicked you'd like others to enjoy? Rec away here...
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