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Comment Fic Friday

And it's Friday! I was very lax and let last fortnight's Friday go by without posting, but if you're like me, you already had plenty to be getting on with! Anyway, I didn't want to let another fortnight go by without a Comment Fic post, so here it is. And your prompt for today, should you choose to accept it, is:

Put up or shut up

And, as I understand this phrase, for anyone not completely familiar with it, this is something you might say to someone who talks a lot but hasn't done much to prove their words. So, use it how you will - whether it's your character telling someone to 'put his money where his mouth is' (another way of saying pretty much the same thing), or maybe your character is the one who's talked himself into a sticky situation that he may now need to provide some action to back himself up with in order to escape, I'd love to see a short ficlet of around 500 or so words to cover the scene.

And, if you're searching for a little light relief in the Nano wording (be it full Nano or just the mini-version!), maybe it could be just the thing! ;-)
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