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Weekend Challenge! Three things, a scenario, a quote

Big cheers and a Snoopy dance for the weekend! I thought that for the challenge this time around I'd revisit something that seemed to work well a while back.

Just comment here, and I'll deliver your very own set of prompts from a couple of sites I've found:  You'll get three things (which vary wildly), a secenario or title to form a fic around, and a quote.  Use the various prompts however you will - one longer ficlet, a set of short drabbles. You can use all three things from the list of things in one story, use them in entirely separate fics. You might choose to use the scenario/title and nothing else. In other words, no rules just words.

For those graphically inclined, ask me for a pic and I'll pull one from my Pinterest page of gorgeous images- not a ton of them in there, but at least a dozen. They are mostly outdoorsy, landscape pics with something I found a little breathtaking in each one.

So there you go - let me know if you're in.  Those who post back with words or challenge-inspired pics by Sunday at 11:59pm eastern will get a fic or an icon or three back as a reward.

Happy weekend!
Tags: weekend: challenge
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