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NaNoWriMo, Day #9

And how are you all going on Day Nine? I have had a busy weekend and haven't had time to reply to the comments at Day Eight, but hopefully I'll get to those tonight (if I'm not too busy catching up on shows I've recorded!) as well as all the other comments I owe.

I have managed my mini_wrimo words for Days 8 & 9, so I'm feeling good, even though last night was only a little over the minimum I set myself. I've also been steadily working on WIPs - one has two sections completed and I'm not sure whether to post those and then return to the next section once I know what it is, or hold off till the whole story is done - I have already posted some in the past (some time ago, I'm afraid), which is the reason I'm pondering. Anything newer that hasn't had parts posted I'll hold off with till everything is written in full.

Anyone have any thoughts on that? These days I don't like to leave WIPs out there so much, in case I never finish them, or it take too long to get back to them, but I do have a couple which started out as one-shots, but somehow the muses kept playing and people asked, so I wrote more and then they kind of got out of hand! Do others have this kind of issue, or do you keep WIPs to yourself until they're completely done? What about ones that were intended as one-shots, like mine, and then blew into more? I'd love to know what others do, so do tell! ;-)
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