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NaNoWriMo Day #5


So it's the end of Day 5 over here, but I know it's just beginning for some of you! How are you going so far today? Got any words in before breakfast, or planning to after lunch? Is it a thousand words before bedtime or just a few here and there as you can today?

I managed 622 on the same WIP I went back to on Day 3. I had a break yesterday and did 207 words on another snippet because I was at a different computer and didn't have access to that earlier one, but the few I slipped in last night worked on something that now looks like rather than being a one-off it's adding to something enough that it may become a WIP too *headdesk*. If any of that made sense, it's just what I need, NOT. I mean, 22 WIPs are enough at one time, right? Ha.

Anyway, I hope you are all getting stuck in and that Day 5 is going to be/has been awesome for you!

Oh, and yuidirnt, I hope you don't mind I made an icon from your lovely banner too! If you are okay with it, anyone who wants can use it too. ;-)
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