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Mini-Wrimo peeps check this out!

Hey guys, for all of you involved in mini_wrimo, there is a collection ready over at AO3 for anything you want to share with the comm while you're in the writing process in November, or afterwards at any stage!

Here is the link: 1MW AO3 Mini-Wrimo Collection

Good luck to everyone participating in either the main NaNoWriMo or with the Mini-Wrimo!

Whoever makes the most words wins! is a star, but we love ALL the words and celebrate and encourage all of you all the way! WOOT!

It's the 31st here, so I'm starting my own goal of 200 WPD TOMORROW! Wish me luck! I'm going to post reminders as often as I can, and you're all welcome to let me know how you're doing, and/or ask for and offer encouragement to others in those posts.
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