helsinkibaby (helsinkibaby) wrote in 1_million_words,

October challenge

Title: when the moon is on the run
Author: helsinkibaby
Fandom: Unstoppable
Pairing: Frank Barnes/Connie Hooper
Rating: PG
Word Count: 5774
Summary: Frank meets Connie properly for the first time at the press conference. Turns out Triple-Seven's not the only unstoppable force he's going to have to deal with.

Notes:For the October challenge, I got the song "Spanish Harlem" by Ben E King and proceeded to write a fic that has little or nothing to do with the song... except that, IMO, it's a song about longing and falling for someone and not being sure how to go about getting them (this is where I read into it a little) and having watched "Unstoppable" at the start of the month, and being reminded that I ship Frank and Connie (who only meet at the end of the film!) this is what came out!

Link at AO3
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