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November Birthday!

And we only have one birthday for November, would you believe? As I've had a reminder to post early so that the people who have a birthday at the beginning of the month are sure to get something from those who need a little longer to get their creations organised, I'm getting this post up before November even begins!

It's the very wonderful hiddlepinebatch's birthday on the 6th! And Hiddle's wishlist looks very like this:

Types of gifts they'd like (Words, icons, banners, wallpapers, etc): Anything at all!
Main fandoms: Star Trek AOS is all I'm really into, but I know that's pretty limiting. Other fandoms: Almost Human, the Avengers/Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney Princesses
Genre/style, subject etc: Hurt/Comfort, ANGST, but please, any genre is nice :) I love fluff!
Prompts and/or special requests: (I'm good to go for anything at this point) I like Kirk/Spock
dislikes/squicks: Nothing to do with sex in any way. I like relationships, hetero, homo, etc., but sexual intercourse is a touchy subject. I also don't do McKirk.

So get your creating hats on! I'll post again on the 6th where you can link/post any gifts, and the birthday member can track the post to see their gifts as they arrive!

And please, anyone who wants to be in on the fun for next year, if you haven't already commented or would like to change anything in your wishlist before then, please go to this post to put up or amend your own one before too long! ;-)
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