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Monday Madness: Recs!

It's been a while since our last recs post, and I'm thinking that since this week is Halloween, it's a good time to look for recs of a spooky nature...

So come on out with all those great stories that have a slightly supernatural or scary bent to them! Whether it's something you wrote yourself and are particularly proud of, or perhaps it's something you remember reading and being eerily impressed by. Share it/them here!

I'll get us started with an old one of my own that I wrote for the LOST fandom at Halloween way back in 2007 (OMG, seven years!!!). Here is the link to the first part, and the link for the second and final part of the story is at the end of that post:

Moondance, a tale of Sawyer and Sayid in London, where they have just watched one of my own favourite old films of the 80s, An American Werewolf in London. NC-17, featuring Sawyer/Sayid and a suggestion of past Jack/Sawyer. AU as it's set off-island.

Now, give me some of your favourites! ;-)
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