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Weekend Challenge!

It's already the weekend here! WOOT! So, this is a bit spur of the moment because I haven't had anything planned, but let's run with this...

The Story in the Song

You all know them, right? Songs that tell a story. Pick one of your own favourites or dip below the cut for some ideas. Any kind of story, any kind of fic or graphic based on any line from the song, or the whole story if you like. Place your characters in the story, or have the song feature in your fic/graphic somehow. I don't mind, just give me at least 500 words or 5 icons/1 wallpaper/2 banners based around or on something from a song that tells a story, and I will reward you with a drabble or an icon.

Post/link me before Monday night my time (which is Sunday night EST) and I'll get my writing cap on in return!

Links are to the lyrics, YT vids for your listening pleasure!

1. 'Roll Me Away' Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band

2. 'He Went to Paris' Jimmy Buffett

3. 'Me & Bobby McGee' Kris Kristofferson

(Janis Joplin version)

4. 'Taxi' Harry Chapin

5. 'Warwick Avenue' Duffy

Now, go forth and create! We have less than three months to get those last 4 million words!!!
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