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Comment Fic Friday

And it's Friday again! In this part of the world it's a long weekend, with NZ Labour Day on Monday, so I'm a pretty happy camper right now, although it's a busy weekend, with two different trips to drop kids at the Armageddon expo (NZ's own comic-con, with Richard Dean Anderson as the big drawcard this year!) and a Mini (car) display and a Lego one to visit, and a Christmas shopping trip to a local market planned as well, I am going to be on the go! How about you?

Anyway, in between all that, I'm hoping to do some writing, and I'm here to inspire you with a Friday Comment Fic prompt!

And the prompt on offer this fortnight is:

Cold as Ice

So, whether there's a period of coolness followed by a big thaw - in the weather way or in someone's emotions - or perhaps someone's freezing someone else out for one reason or another, or maybe your character/s are taking a mid-winter dip or are out of their usual balmy-weathered state experiencing something completely different for a change... or just maybe they've ended up stuck in a meat freezer... anyway, you get the gist.

Make free with the prompt and give us a short ficlet that'll fit in a comment or two (700ish words or less generally, although longer won't be turned away!), and link or post it here! Come on, guys, WE NEED WORDS! The more the merrier - any fandom, any style, any genre. And if you're a graphics person, how about a couple of icons?
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