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Monday Madness: Original Fic

OMG! Another month has gone by since this post where I talked about continuing to write some of the prompts I had from others for my original WIP 'verses, and I still have not written anything for them... I'm sorry because they were awesome prompts! Unfortunately, it seems to have been one of those months where I just didn't write many words at all. I'll keep looking at the prompts though and make some attempt on them as and when I can.

How are you all doing? Did you manage to get any original fic written this last month? Have any difficulties you want help with? Ideas, prompts, thoughts about the way Character A interacts with Character B, or just a general 'who else is out there that writes original fic'? Here's the place to talk about anything you want to in regards to orig fic. Come on down; don't be shy! Even if you've never written orig before, how about introducing yourself and telling us what fantastic idea you have for a story. You never know; it may get you writing that novel you have hidden away in the recesses of your brain!

I'll start... I'm haldoor, and I've always written orig fic in one way or another... mostly inside my own head as bedtime stories, in fact (I would eventually drop off to sleep and have to figure out where I got to in the story the next night! ;-P ), and while some got started, most simply faded into nothing and never were heard of again! However, since I came to LJ land and played around with fanfic for a while, I started dabbling back in orig fic again... and still like to think that one day I'll be brave enough to attempt publishing an original novel, but that still feels a long way off most days. I have written one full novel, but looking back on it from several years down the track, I know it's not nearly good enough without a complete overhaul, and somehow I can't see that happening any time soon. BUT, I have a bunch of WIPs that I still think are worth finishing, so... maybe one day I'll get there!

How about you?


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