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Bluesday - slipping

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When the math doesn't work

Disclaimer: I tell you this, not for sympathy or to be cheered up, but to show that it does happen to everyone.

Being optimistic all the time, *sigh*. And sometimes I do think I come across as Pollyanna, (show of hands: Who knows that reference?). I get very excited about every notif that I get that says 'Hey! I did this thing!'. When I squee back at you it is genuine. But I'm a math girl. I'm at home with spreadsheets and formulas, and I do averages and calculations. There are times though, that the math doesn't look all that impressive. I get a little anxious about it.

So here's the deal. We are slipping. We got an impressive half million words ahead right out of the gate this year. We increased it a little early on, but we are slipping, resting on our laurels, decreasing our surplus. If we keep up at the rate we are going, our 15 million will not be reached.

Sure, it's a hobby, and there are no new cars or diseases cured if we make it. Nobody loses a limb if we don't make it but... I know that we are awesome and I don't want any of us to think for a minute that we aren't.

This group of people is the most amazing assembly I have ever encountered. We don't have drama! You can't get 4 people in a ladies' public bathroom without drama, and yet here we are without a stitch of it. And let's not forget, at 11.7 million, we have already gone beyond last year's total. And this year we aren't counting WIPs in our big count like we did last year. We are THAT awesome.

We can be more awesome.

So it's nose to the grindstone time.

I know I'm nowhere near the number I was last year. It sometimes feels like everything is conspiring against the writing portion of my brain. Computer issues, internet issues, longer hours at work, more work to do at work. It all takes away from my creative impetus. So my personal thought is to try 1,000 words per weekend until the end of November. It's not huge, but it's something.

My other thoughts are for you all to check through our membership list, find a friend who is on it and not reporting numbers, find a friend who hasn't updated in the last couple of months, find a friend who hasn't joined, and generally, make more words.

We can do this! WE CAN!

Sure this isn't our typical bluesday, but I'm blue. I'm a blue Pollyanna.
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