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One belated bingo fic.

Aw, damn, I got sidetracked so much this month I couldn't get anything but a mini-bingo line done. Might as well share, anyway \o/

The prompts used were size kink and innocence (also combined with a prompt from fic-promptly@DW).

Rite of Passage (on Livejournal or AO3)
Fandom: DCU (Batman)
Wordcount: 1190
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne
Pairing(s): Bruce Wayne/Damian Wayne
Warning(s): age difference, incest (father/son), sex pollen, underage
Summary: Damian has an unfortunate encounter with Poison Ivy. Luckily for him, Bruce knows what to do.
Tags: creation: fic
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