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penombrelilas asked for a prompts tag and that got me thinking... why not have a page to put up prompts for when people have extras or ideas they can't take on themselves, and then when anyone's looking for prompts they can pop over and check it out. I've linked this post in the top left hand links list at the comm, and it also has its own tag. This means that any other post that happens to contain prompts can also be tagged.


So, comment away! Any prompts you like can go here; be as vague or as particular as you like. Make it general for any fandom (or no fandom), or make it specific to a character or two from one fandom. All I would say is that if you have more than one longish prompt, use a new comment.

And for anyone grabbing prompts to use in a story (or graphic or video or any other sort of creation! Remember we're an equal opportunity comm!), feel free to do so; you may want to let the prompter know you've filled it by replying to their comment here with a link, but it isn't compulsory. Have fun!
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