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It's Party Time!

Yes, it's time to wish sagaluthien a very...


Don't be shy, everyone! Come on down to the party and create a gift for Saga! Post or link your creation here!

sagaluthien birthday-hobbit

Once again, here's Saga's wishlist:

Types of gifts requested (Words, icons, banners, wallpapers, etc): Anything. I do would like to get banners for my written stories, or bases so I only need to add a title especially if I write more than one story in the same verse
Main fandoms: LOTR + The Hobbit, SPN, POTC, Criminals Minds, (Real People)
Genre/style, subject etc: Up to the giver or what suit my request
Prompts and/or special requests: look at the table over at my journal or as mentioned above I'd like banners to my written stories at sagas_stories. Maybe something will strike inspiration?

Have a wonderful day, Saga, and please track this post to see your gifts and wishes as they appear!
Tags: challenge: birthdays
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