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September Bingo

Well, here we are again! It's time for this month's challenge and we're going with another Bingo. This post has all the details you need to join in, and the card post will follow.

1a-sept bingo banner

There are several ways to achieve a Bingo

Regular Bingo

A Line - Any line of three connected prompts, this can be vertical, horizontal or either of the diagonals.
Corners - All the Four corner prompts of your card.
The Corner Belly Button - All Four Corner prompts of your card AND the center prompt.
The Cross - Middle prompts including center prompt.
Bingo Blackout - Complete all 9 prompt boxes of your card

Mini Bingo

A Square – Complete 1 prompt on your card
Doubles – Complete 2 prompts of your card
A Corner – Complete 3 prompts of your card
Mini Blackout – Complete all 4 prompts of your card

Bingo Examples - EXAMPLES HERE

If you complete ANY of the above Bingos you have the opportunity to attempt a different bingo with another card.

- Completed Bingos can be completed/posted all throughout the month until September 30th
- You can post your completed Bingos anywhere, here at the comm, in your own journals, A03, personal websites - it's entirely up to you.  If you post them direct to the community, please use the 'Challenge: Bingo' tag and a creation tag for your post.
- How you fill a prompt is up to you. There is no right or wrong way to interpret a prompt.
- You can change 1 Prompt of your Bingo Card if you are uninspired. This can be any square and the subject you choose is up to you. Change for any prompt on another card, or choose your own.
- Picture prompts on regular Bingo can be interpreted any way you choose.

Prompt Fills can be completed in several ways -

Words -
At least 100 words Per Prompt.
You can include several prompts in your fic, but the combination must still reach the word count minimum, e.g. Incorporate 3 prompts into your fic and it must be 300+ words long.  9 Prompts and it must be 900+ words long.
Fics can be connected i.e. several 100 word drabbles of the same theme,  or all stand alones.
All types of writing are accepted, from fanfic (any fandom), meta, original, RPF.

Graphics- per prompt
2 Icons
1 Wallpaper
1 Friends Only/LiveJournal Banner

You can mix and match and fill your bingo with fic & graphics if you want.

We'll play this the same way as last time - I'll post all the cards in a separate post. Anyone can choose any card, and more than one person can use the same card, although it would be great to see them all in play, so check what others have chosen and aim for something different if you can! If you can't, no big deal.

Comment there to say which Bingo card you're playing, then head off and create - start straight away if you like.

If you complete your first card and wish to play with a second, go for it! Just head back to the card post and comment with the name and number of your new card.

Rewards -

Rewards are on offer for everyone who completes their first Bingo Card -

Regular Bingo

Lines - a personalised participation icon and a plain Bingo icon
Corners - a participation banner
Corner Belly Button or The Cross - a personalised participation banner
Bingo Blackout - a personalised completion icon and a personalised completion banner

Mini Bingo

A Square - a plain Bingo icon
Doubles - a personalised participation icon
A Corner - a personalised participation icon and a plain Bingo icon
Mini Blackout - a personalised completion banner

And once again, bluedelft has agreed to help out with rewards! If anyone else wants to volunteer for that too, I'd be happy to have you along - just comment here or PM me.

Card post to follow! ;-)


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