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Torrid Tuesday: It's All Coming Back To Me Now....


It's time for our weekly foray into PWP-land, and this week the challenge is a little more specific but with lots of room for individual flair...

The specific part is the theme: It's All Coming Back To Me Now, in which one of your characters wakes up next to the other and slowly, oh so slowly remembers just what the hell happened last night to land them there.

The room for flair is all the many places they may awake, and all the things they may recall. Not to mention how the memories are triggered -- something they see see or remember? A tattoo that wasn't there when they left for work yesterday? A text message from a third party asking if they're okay/out of their mind/ in need of a fake emergency call to give them an excuse to get the hell out?

Are their discoveries pleasing or disquieting or horrifying? Do they slide out from under a heavy, sleeping arm to skulk off, or curl into spoon position?

Whether the end result is romance, post-pwp fluff, sadness, regret or an extra dose of torrid - the options are really endless.

Good luck, hope you get some words from the prompt and have a good week!

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