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August Rush: Day 12

OMG! I am way behind on reading and commenting on all the great fics you guys have been creating! I'll admit it's easier to peek at the graphics (which I'm loving!) but even those I'm behind on comments with. All the same, I will get to them and ensure they get listed and noted for the challenge count, so don't worry! RL has just been a bit hectic lately...

Anyway, keep 'em coming everyone!

Click the pics for larger versions

Agents of SHIELD:
12. Skye & Coulson photo 12pair-skye-coulson4_zps88a8e060.jpg

Almost Human:
 photo Day12Pair2.jpg

Harry Potter:
 photo Day12Pair2-1.jpg

E12. SGU-Wallace photo A12sgu-wallace_zps2ecb7c80.jpg

 photo Day12Pair.jpg

Star Trek-TNG:
B12. Data & Riker photo 12pairs-riker-data4_zps121bf0b8.jpg

Have fun, everyone, and I'll see you back here tomorrow! ;-)
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