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August Rush starts tomorrow!

Are you as excited as I am? I hope you'll find something to inspire you in the graphics hiddlepinebatch and I have chosen! I am not hugely familiar with any of the shows/movies (though I have watched a couple of them *wink*) that came in the top six so you'll have to forgive me if I've missed anything or got it wrong somehow.

Yes, you heard me, SIX fandoms! Since HPB (as I'm going to call hiddlepinebatch from now on for short) offered to help, it made my job much easier! We took three each, and hope we've come up with a fine selection of graphics for you.

I will point out that:

1. If anyone wants to use other pics as well as those supplied to make graphics or stories, that's perfectly fine (for any of the fandoms), as long as your inspiration initially came from the selection given here.

2. You do not have to be limited with writing either - I'm only asking you to write something the pic inspires in you - whether it's that character or characters/pairing or whatever.

3. SG1 screencaps are from S1.01; SGA screencaps are from S5.01 and SGU screencaps are from S1.01.
I'm sorry it came down to this, but there were just too many to choose from, and I had a limited amount of time to troll through - also, sorry if not all characters show up; I did my best with my limited knowledge of each show. I will be rotating the three main SG shows daily, starting with SG1, then SGA, and SGU is third, then it begins again, although due to the total of twenty, SG only has six overall pics and the other two have seven each.

4. Agents of SHIELD caps are from S1.01 also. Same spiel as the others...

5. ST:TNG caps are from S1.01; again, this was all I had time to look through, although they are from the blue-ray discs, so the quality is really good. I know there are 'regulars' who popped up here that may have disappeared in later seasons, but I've done the best I can to have a good selection of solo, pair and group shots.

6. Once again, I'm going with a character a day in each fandom to start with, then move into shots of pairs... whether you see these 'pairs' as couples or as friends or just as a couple of colleagues having a scene together, that is entirely up to you in your creations. Finally, each set will move onto team shots - some will feature the whole team; some will feature partial or teams plus others. For a couple of fandoms, there's also some inanimate objects, but they seemed to fit, so I hope they will add another option. Again, imagine what you will, play as you like.

7. The fandoms will not all align on single, pair or team pics as some had more individuals or more pairing pics that I really liked, but that's how we're flowing through the twenty days for each fandom.

8. HPB has surely supplied us with some gorgeous graphics too, and I can't vouch for where or how she decided on them, but they look great! ;-) HPB, if you have any comments to add about what you have done, please feel free to do so here.

I hope these points will help in your overall planning and enjoyment. I'll be back tomorrow with the rules again, and your first six fandom graphics - get ready to play! ;-)
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