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At first I was going to do Arrow but at the last minute I decided to do Orange is The New Black because seriously I was curious on how this scene went down and I love this fucking show to death

Title Hanging Up
Author hanorganaas
Fandom Orange is The New Black
Pairings Mercy Valduto & Carrie "Big Boo" Black, Tricia Miller/Mercy Valduto
Summary How did the Phone Call between Big Boo and Mercy go when she informed Mercy of Tricia's death.
Words 1200 +
Warnings Mentions of a canon character death.
Notes I loved Mercy....I wished we could have seen more of her, but unfortunately not all can be written in and out in a Prison show. But I thought I would write the scene because I am curious of what would have happened.

Here @ A03
Tags: challenge: pool party, exclaim: woohoo!
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