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June Bingo

Unfortunately, I only had time to do a straight line bingo versus the blackout I usually do. However I did manage 2118 words...

title Blind Date
fandom CSI:Miami/Star Trek: Enterprise
pairing Horatio/Trip
prompt Middle of the Afternoon, plus "blind date" from sharpiesgal
word count 679

Horatio walked into the country bar and looked around. It was the middle of the afternoon and it was mostly deserted, only a few patrons at the bar and a few sitting at the tables on the patio. He didn't know what possessed him to allow his twin brother to set him up on a blind date and why he allowed himself to be talked into taking a half day off right before he had a mandatory three day weekend off. He could only imagine the kind of man Dino would set him up with, probably some hard nosed military type who'd been in the closet too long.

Dino hadn't told him what to look for in said blind date, only that he'd know the man when he saw him. Horatio took a seat on the patio to the side of the bar and ordered a scotch while he waited. He enjoyed the people watching wondering which one of the men walking through the doors was the man Dino had set him up with. As soon as he saw the blond man with a pair of well fitted jeans that showed off enough but didn't advertise and the striped denim shirt, he knew this was the man his brother was setting him up with. The glance around the pub and the detour in his direction and confirmed his suspicion, but it was the smile that had him watching the blond's approach. His brother knew him well.

"I'm Trip," the blond greeted him.

"Horatio, but I suspect you already know that," he said shaking Trip's hand with a smile.

"Dino told me at least that much."

Horatio smiled and motioned for Trip to sit down and for the waitress to come over.

"Another scotch?"

"Please," Horatio answered draining the last little bit in his glass before setting it aside.

"And you sir?"

"I'll have the same," Trip answered.

When the waitress left with their drink orders, Horatio looked back to Trip and smiled. "So what else did my brother tell you about me?"

"Lotsa things but I think I'd rather just find out for myself."

"Is that so?" Horatio commented. The sly smile and the twinkle in Trip's eye told him everything he needed to know about what his brother may have told him.

The waitress brought their drinks and they sat and sipped slowly while they got to know one another. Horatio found out Trip was an engineer and loved to tinker with boat engines and go diving in his spare time. He had a feeling there would plans to go to his beach house in the Keys before the day was over.

Their drinks empty, Horatio debated whether to go someplace else for dinner or invite Trip back to his condo and cook for them. A foot bumping against his and several touches made his decision for him and he decided he'd open a bottle of wine and cook. Decision made, Horatio reached out and took the glass of neat scotch from Trip's hand and downed it. At the raised eyebrow reaction he got he smiled and stated, "I was going to suggest going for an early meal but decided we should go back to my place, open a bottle of scotch, or something else, watch the sunset, and I'll cook dinner for us."

Trip's smile said as much as his words did to Horatio. "Sounds like a good plan."

Horatio smiled and stood, dropping two twenties on the table. Knowing it would more than cover their drinks and still leave enough for a healthy tip for the waitress who left them alone but served them promptly otherwise.

"Let's go," he said leading the way out to the parking lot discovering they had parked side by side.

"I'll follow you."

Horatio nodded and was turning toward his car. He didn't make it, changing his mind, he grabbed Trip and pushed him back toward his truck, kissing him. Hands gripping his waist and a moan under her lips told him dinner at his condo was a very good choice.

title A Lucky Man
fandom Avengers/MCU
pairing Phil/Pepper/Tony
prompt heat/estrus
word count 405
a/n my first a/b/o. While I love reading a/b/o I have discovered this is the best I can do writing it

Phil tugged at his collar one more time. His skin both crawled and ached to touch. He just wanted to go home. Closing his office down, he headed for the elevators. Thankfully they were empty and he could ride down in peace, knowing the subway ride to his stop was going to be hell with the press of people all wanting the same thing, to go home. When he was like this he barely could touch his own skin to have people getting close to him made it worse.

He exited the building to see Pepper standing next to the car, waiting.

"How did you know," he asked when he was standing in front of her.

"You weren't yourself this morning so I figured you'd welcome a ride home tonight."

"Thank you," he said with a sigh as he crawled into the Rolls behind her.

"My pleasure," Pepper said with a smile, "Happy, take us home."

Phil didn't pay much attention to any conversation between Pepper and Happy. He just leaned back in the comfort of the seat and closed his eyes. He knew from experience what was to come over the next few days. Pepper would take him home, feed him, caress his body as he alternated between having the sweats and the chills. And when he was in full bloom heat, Tony would come to him, knot him, give him release as many times as he needed until the rage off heat subsided and then Pepper would come back and take care of them both.

"What are you smiling about?"

He opened his eyes and looked over at her sitting next to him looking radiant. "Just thinking about how lucky I am to have you and Tony," he answered taking her hand and kissing it.

"Such a charmer."

"Just stating the truth," and he was. He was an omega man with an alpha man who took care of him when he needed it and let him be a strong man otherwise a wonderful beta woman he could make love to and spoil and who took care of both of them.

"We love you too Phil," she told him smiling. "Now let's go take care of you."

He nodded, noticing they were at the tower. It would be a quick ride to the penthouse and he would be the sole focus to those two people he loved and somehow managed to love him back.

title It Started with a Diamond
fandom Leverage
pairing Eliot/Parker
prompt jewelry
word count 1034

When the door to the suite closed behind he and Parker, Eliot reached out and traced the long chain with the absurdly large chocolate diamond hanging between her breasts. He'd wanted to do that ever since he'd seen her walk into the party earlier that evening.


"Beautiful," He said as he reached the diamond, lifting it from it's resting spot, allowing his knuckles to brush against her breasts.

"The diamond?"

"No you," he stated, dragging his fingers up her exposed chest and neck to cup her cheek, running his thumb along her lips.

"Oh," she said with a gasp.

"Stop me now, Parker, if you don't want this," he said quietly, his voice thick and husky.

Anything he might have said further turned to a moan as she opened her lips and caressed his thumb with the tip of her tongue.

He swept Parker up in his arms and carried her though the suite to the rather large bedroom and bed. Laying her down near the center of the bed, he pulled his earbud out and held his hand out for hers. When they were both turned off and laying on the bed stand, he crawled across the bed until he was kneeling over her. With one hand, he pushed the skin tight little black dress she was wearing up, exposing her lack lace panties and bare breasts. She shimmied enough for him to pull the dress over her head, messing up her hair even more. Leaning down, he kissed her as she worked the onyx buttons on his collarless shirt until she could spread it open and run her fingers down his chest, carding through his chest hair and scraping lightly over his nipples.

"Woman, you undo me," he muttered leaning down to claim he mouth in a deep kiss, finally pressing down against her body.

The last thing he expected was for her to wrap he long legs around his waist and flip them over so she was sitting on his hips. His cock hard and painfully pressing against the zipped of his dress pants fitted nicely against her. He could feel her heat even though his clothes and resisted the urge to push into it, knowing it would only frustrate him more at this moment and while he wanted nothing more than to slide into her and take her right now, he wanted to get to know her body and take his time more.

He loved a woman's hands, it was something he always noticed, but Parker's hands were something else. Soft but strong, and as she ran her hand up and down his chest and then lower. Sliding backward, she undid his belt, pulling it free from the loops and tossing it aside, before undoing his zipper and slipping her hand in, cupping his clock through the silk of his boxers.

"Darlin, you keep that up it's going to be over before it gets started," he warned as she grasped and stroked him through the silk.

He smiled at her expression and watched as she slid backward down his legs taking his pants and boxers with her, leaving him completely exposed. She crawled back up his body, dropping a kiss in the center of his chest where his medallion laid, her own diamond brushing along his skin along with her hair. Wrapping his arms around her, he flipped them over again so he raised above her. His patience stretched thin, he reached down and ripped her lace panties from his and slipped his fingers between her legs, fingering her and slipping his fingers into wet, warm depths.

She moved against his hand, her chest heaving, the chocolate diamond rising and falling between her breasts. Pulling his hand from her, he slid inside and held himself still, looking down on her hands pulled him closer and as he leaned down he gently ran his tongue across her nipple, causing her to arch up against him.

Her legs wrapped around his waist with her feet pressing into his butt. He hands pulled him closed as she scraped her nails up and down his back before circling around to rub over his nipples, pinching lightly before returning to his back to repeat. It was all he could do to keep moving in her with slow even strokes. Between her hands on his body and the the feel of her heat surrounding him as he moved was almost enough to undo him. Leaning down he kissed her chest, nipped at her nipple before sucking it in harshly. The metal of his medallion tapped the diamond setting with a light tapping with every stroke.

"Eliot," she gasped, "let go."

His brain fuzzy from what she was going to him almost had him moving away until he felt her tighten around him, pulling him closer, pushing into him harder urging him to pick up the pace. Leaning down he claimed her mouth kissing her and he began to push into her harder. Hearing her urging him on and feeling her come apart in his arms tipped him over the edge.

Afterward, he lay propped on his elbow, looking down at her smiling, he played with the diamond while drawing patterns on her skin. He hasn't realized he was humming until she asked about it, but he couldn't tell her, it was just some nameless tune.

"I'll call it the happy Eliot song," she told him.

"You can call it anything you want," he declared, leaning over to kiss her again.

"What about the others?"

"They don't get to hear me hum at them," he tried to growl.

"No silly, should we, you know?"

He saw her waving toward the ear buds and shook his head. "No, con's over, we don't have to be anywhere until tomorrow."

"Good," she giggled.

Running his fingers lightly around her breasts, he knew he could get very use to this, being with her and after years of not allowing himself to get attached to anyone, maybe now he could. Leaning down he kissed her gently, wrapping his arms around her to roll them so she was laying with her head on his chest. He could get very use to this.


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Jun. 25th, 2014 05:52 pm (UTC)
Words are a beautiful thing no matter how you get them! Congrats on the bingo!
Jun. 26th, 2014 11:31 am (UTC)
A line is awesome! WOOHOO! ;-)
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