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The other June birthdays!

Okay, now I had to get amaryllisssa's birthday post up already as it was on the 2nd, but for the other birthday challengers for June, there's a little more time if you want to get your gifts started already! I'll post for each of these comm members on their special days again too, but just to give everyone a head's up...

On the 10th June, we have two wonderful members celebrating! Firstly, starbuckssue, who's wishlist looks like this:

Gifts they'd like: Words, icons
Main fandoms: Stargate Atlantis, Hawaii Five-0
Genre/style, subject etc: Slash or gen/friendship. SGA: Rodney/John; H50: Danny/Steve
Prompts and/or special requests: Fluff, slice of life, adventure, AU, magic, fun, hurt/comfort, angst, as long as it has a happy ending!

Then, also on the 10th, we have mtxref_fic, and the following is Ref's wishlist:

Gifts they'd like: Icons, words, videos, banners
Main fandoms: Person of Interest, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Firefly
Genre/style, subject etc: Humor, slice of life, curtain fic, crack
Prompts and/or special requests: Will add as I think of them!
Dislikes/squicks: Graphic violence, detailed sex, overuse of strong language, character bashing

And finally for June, we get happy for scraplove on the 15th! Scrap's wishlist reads like this:

Gifts they'd like: anything is lovely!
Main fandoms: Tolkien, Batman comics, Marvel Cinematic Universe, X-Men
Genre/style, subject etc: platonic family/team bonding is my favorite! Bromance rocks.
Prompts and/or special requests: none, anything is lovely!
Squicks/triggers/dislikes: dub-con, incest, non-con, excessive violence, unhappy endings, any heavy kinks

So get your thinking caps on, and start creating for the upcoming birthdays!

Remember too, it's never too late to add your own wishlist in for your birthday, even if it's already passed by this year as I suspect we'll be doing this all again next year! The master post is here, and all we ask if you add your name in, is that you create two or three birthday gifts for others during the year - there's plenty to choose from! And it doesn't have to be big - check out the master post for more details. Every word or graphic adds to our goal! Don't be shy; join in now! ;-)


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