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Leaving the Galaxy Far, Far Away for now...

And what a great week we had! I hope you managed to join us! Thank you to my co-hosts on the Star Wars squee, the lovely erinm_4600 and imera! You were both wonderful; thank you so much!

Now it's time to wrap it up with a few Keep Calm posters that amused me, and a round-up of the posts we went through, and of the challenge contributions!

keep calm-target

Star-Wars-May-4th-Keep Calm

On May the 4th, of course, we celebrated Star Wars Day with a bunch of quotes from the original three movies. I offered rewards to anyone who contributed a ficlet using one or more of the quotes.

keep calm-its a trap

tkeylasunset used several in her H50 ficlet, Luke vs Han, and I rewarded her with a choice of two I love you. I know. icons, also H50.

wereleopard58 also used a few different quotes in her H50 fic, Help Me Steve McGarrett, You're My Only Hope, and my reward for her was based on one of the many quotes she used with an appropriately pained Steve icon, I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing.

hiddlepinebatch went to another Galaxy and gave us The Single-Track Mind of James T. Kirk, and was rewarded with the relevant Kirk/Spock icon, Never Tell Me the Odds.

Thank you all for the wonderful contributions! More may come in due course, and that's all good. Link them here if you'd like. The icons aren't brilliant - graphics is still a dabble-field for me - but I did my best and my recipients were grateful, and we got more words for the count, so I'll call it a win! ;-)

SW-keep calm-dark side

The we moved on to Revenge of the Fifth, where Erin posed the question of what order people watch the films... oooh, contentious for some, but always interesting to find out which way people will be/have been showing their own children and what memories you have of your own first views (or not, as the case may be with I, II and III for some people!).

keep calm-carrie fisher

On Day Three, Imera brought us some Ass-kicking Princess Leia, and reminded us that not only present day female characters can be pretty damned awesome! She was one of the first great SF action heroines, for sure! ;-)

SW-keep calm-move along

Erin was back on Day Four with Hutts, Ewoks & Mynocks and a list of a bunch of other creatures and creeds from the Star Wars Universe. Whatever your personal favourite or least-liked life-form is, the list is bound to hold something you remember to this day!

keep calm-light sabre

And finally, Imera came back with some gifs and videos on Day 5 to make us laugh, all of which feature the inimitable Star Wars world and/or characters in some amusing way or another. I personally got a kick out of the idea that Yoda and an Ewok fathered a Mogwai, but maybe no one remembers 'Gremlins' as well as me... Anyway, there was plenty there for everyone from the dancing Storm Troopers galore to cats and bears fighting with light sabres!

keep calm-yoda

So, now we've come to the end of another fandom squee. I hope you all enjoyed it, and if you haven't had time to look at everything, go back at your leisure! I hope it continues to inspire fic, and as is fitting...


Keep calm and return to your own galaxy now!
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