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Star Wars Squee - Day 3

A post dedicated to the awesome ass kicking Princess

I’ve always loved a strong female character, a woman who wasn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty, who wanted to help others, and would stand up to evil. Sadly, most strong female characters tend to act strong, but then, as soon as something happens, they turn into a damsel in distress, or close.

I’ve chosen to say a little about one of my favourite female characters of all-time, the ass-kicking, smart mouth, Princess Leia. I know she’s had her weak moments where she needed saving (I blame Lucas for casting her as the “prize” in the first movie), but that’s okay because everyone has weak moments (unless you’re a Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu).

Once, a long time ago, someone asked me why liked her, because up until then I was sort of complaining about the princesses Disney showed, how I didn’t find them amazing characters. My friend believed then I simply disliked all princesses. Yes, she’s a princess, but that doesn’t mean that’s the reason to dislike her.

Let’s begin with something I enjoy, even if she (the actress) hated it, the cinnamon buns! Ok, in the beginning I thought they were funny-looking, and I’m sure I wished more than once they’d chosen a different style, but as time passed I came to love them, and to be honest, the buns are sort of her trademark.

Working girl
She is wonderful, goes from being a princess to a politician, joining the war and rebelling against the evil lords, then becoming a Jedi Knight. She has amazing skills, and I’m not talking only about the Force, but her skills to motivate, to push and to get things done.

Nerf herder
One thing I’m sure others love about her is her sassy personality. Unfortunately I read somewhere that back in the day some people thought her character was a bitch, something I completely disagree with. Sure, she was determined, and could hit you with a rude remark faster than you could say Wookiee, but that doesn’t make her a bitch. Carrie Fisher said some of her favourite moments was when she and Harrison Ford was arguing, and it was some of my favourite parts as well, my favourite being :

Stick it to the man
She refused to tell where the plans were, and being threatened, or tortured, did not loosen her tongue. It wasn’t before they threatened to destroy a planet that she decided to say something, and even then she lied. Sadly her attempt to save her planet wasn't a success as the bastard was just that, a bastard. And even after her home planet was destroyed she knew she couldn’t fall apart, not while there was still a war going on.

I know
I loved that Harrison Ford changed the text to fit his character, because it does fit him, but what I love even more is that Leia said it as well.

So, these are a few of my favourite things with Leia, I’m sure there are more, but I’m currently pleased with my 5 favourite things about Leia.

Before I forget, I'm really looking forward to see her in the new movies, hopefully she will be as awesome as when we last saw her. I saw recent photos of her and I think she looks amazing.

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