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Star Wars Squee - Day Two


Especially if it comes at you looking like that...

In honor of revenge and bounty hunters and who shot first, I put forth to you the following, fandom-dividing, fight-starting, all-around and ever-present MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION*:

IV, V, VI, I, II, III or I, II, III, IV, V, VI

This seems to be the dividing line. And, how you answer the question can - in some circles - have stronger consequences than "Who shot first?" We'll save Star Trek vs Star Wars for another discussion...

The older generation seems to go with release date, while the younger generation seems to go by chapter (how dare we teach children ORDER *gasp*)

George Lucas himself has stated that the movies should be watched in chapter order... and the world imploded. (I'd find the interview where this happened, but I'm at work and shouldn't even be doing this post, at present.)

Watch order also becomes a problem, as there are some - and a few of you touched on this in yesterday's post - who refuse to even acknowledge the prequels exist.

Now, I'm definitely not going to be at the front of the 'defend Episode III'-line... but I will say that Episode III made me appreciate Episode I a lot more.

The prequels have their quirks - good and bad - but, let's face it: so do the originals.

Personally, for me, the question isn't even watch order, but VERSION ORDER.

Original release VHS, Laserdisc, THX release VHS, Special Edition VHS, Special Edition DVD, Original version DVD-released-because-the-fans-threatened-to-string-George-up-if-he-didn't-give-back-their-non-CGId-movies, Blu-ray, Theater release....

If you ask me, the worst thing George Lucas did was put out the Special Editions. Bar none, by far. I loved having the chance to see the movies in the theater, but I was not at all happy with what I got. I don't care who shot first. I do, however, care a great deal that the end of my favorite movie was RUINED.

I don't like that the Ewok party was pretty much overshadowed by the CGI-puking of every party everywhere in the galaxy.. but I can deal with it. Mostly.

I cannot, however, ever forgive George Lucas for putting Hayden Christensen in David Prowse's place, at the end of Jedi.

So... in addition to the above question, I also ask the sub-question of Which version do you prefer: originals or special editions?

PS: There is no wrong answer here. Everyone likes what they like, for the reasons they do. If anyone ever tells you you're wrong for that, sic a Wookie on them. ♥

PPS: No challenge involved here.. because I can't think of a challenge that would be appropriate for this topic.

And, finally, an image that is actually older than Episode II....

* Depending on who you ask, "Who shot first?" is actually the more important fandom question.

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