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Prompt: Rainy Days and Mondays

Is it me or did this weekend go by faster than usual? As in did I blink and miss it?

Those of you with Monday already under your belts, congrats on getting past that 'awww....really?' moment when the alarm went off. For both you, and those about to face it....

HeartUmbrellasmall Passionate - Monday Morning Fight Leads to Monday Night Making Up...
Spin a story where your characters get off to the worst start ever. Make them fumble and fight and storm through their day and then... maybe they realize it was all a big mistake. Maybe one makes the first overture and finds the other one so glad they did - however you reconcile them, show us how Monday can go from cold to hot. As for the rainy part...maybe it's part of your conflict or maybe it's a reassuring sound against the window as your characters make up for those lost hours.....

Movie: Groundhogs Day. Think characters feeling like it's the same damn day over and over. How do they break out of it? Break up? Quit their jobs? Power of love? Leaning in to the Moody Monday blues like a Moody Monday boss?

Lyrics:  Monday, Monday.... Mamas and the Papas. This story? It probably doesn't end well!

Tags: challenge: rainy days and mondays
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