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A Monday of immense proportion!

Do you know how amazing you all are? Well then, let me tell you how amazing you are. My inbox is chock full, CHOCK FULL, of notifications of bingos, and 100-in-100's, and counting updates, and woohoo's! 101 things to get through in my inbox! YOU PEEPS ARE THE BOMB!

And this week looks to be no less amazing than the last one!!!

Tomorrow I get to awake early and tally up the March figures! I'M SO EXCITED! (so remember to update your #'s if you haven't already - Written - Graphic)

While Bingo is sadly coming to an end (round of applause to heffermonkey and her helper scraplove for the excellent month), our new challenge of songfic starts tomorrow!

Also: It's finally starting to feel more spring-like here. We had a weekend of precipitation and none of it was snow. It's a very exciting thing for me. And for those of you who'd like to squee along, I bought my Cap tickets for Friday's movie!

How excited are each of you about how awesome you are?
Tags: monday: accolades
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