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Monday Madness: Original Fic

Hey, all you original fic writers out there! How are things going on your latest/oldest/newest/only orig fic? Need any help? Got thoughts about something you want to share? Need encouragement? here's the place to do it. This week, I'm opening up the floor to you guys to discuss anything you want. So fire away!

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I have to say I'm not doing so well with getting any more written in my own original fics this year, but I am hoping to. I really liked some of my ideas, but one of the problems I have is that new ideas come forward and take over my brain, and then before I get back to the first one, I feel compelled to start another one... and I have a few sitting in my WIP folder now.

I have consciously tried not to start any new ones lately though, so that maybe I can go back to some of the older ones. I have a couple that are well established - one has 25K written, and I have this idea of exactly where it's supposed to end, so I would like to make that one happen.

I also have another nine chapters in, and I have actually posted six of them, but I kind of stalled when I got to the chapter that needed the female lead to take centre stage, and I can't seem to get around that. I wanted to ask if anyone else has as much trouble writing female characters as I do? I find men easier, strangely enough, and I'm not sure why this is - maybe because I've been writing a lot of men for a long time - but any thoughts you have on the subject, or discussions on your own difficulties or ease with characters may be as good a place as any to start today.
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