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Weekend Challenge!

It's Friday night, I'm wearing sunglasses... no, wait. That's the Blues Brothers. I am nursing a BORING WEEK headache and I'm filling in for sagaluthien this weekend, because she doesn't have ready access to a working computer. So, with a little help from lasairfhiona, I bring you....


I have fifteen first lines to get a story started (so far; I may look for more if enough of you are interested), and what I want from you if you want to play is a number from 1-15 [Edit, I've added 16-20 now since someone chose 19, so there are a few more up for grabs now!]. I'll hand out a first line for each number you request. From that, you need to either write a fic longer than 250 words or make a graphic (2-3 icons or 1 banner or more) utilising this first line in some way.

How you do it, what fandom (or none) you use, which genre, character/s and style, is up to you. Now, begin! I'll be back first thing in my AM to hand out lines (why am I now thinking Bart Simpson and a blackboard???)

Oh, and rewards on offer are an icon or two, a drabble with your prompt and choice of my fandoms, or 100 new words in a WIP... and hopefully if I get inundated, the fair lasairfhiona will help me out with a few rewards too. (Thanks in advance, my dear - hope that's okay?)
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