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It's the weekend and that means it is challenge time!!!!!

Since it is my turn to run it, I thought I might give y'all a sneak peak of next month's challenge, i.e. songfic.

The definition for songfic can be found here. It explains it better than I could, but basically it is a story inspired by a song or has song lyrics interspersed within it.

Here are a couple of examples: Save The Last Dance For Me and The Price of Immortality.

Yes, I'm pimping my

Now to the challenge.

Songfics are mainly written, but for this challenge I'm going to incorporate graphics.

I need you to give me a number between 1 and 105. I will give you a song prompt that you can use to write fic or create graphics for. If we have any viders, this could be the perfect time to put your favorite pairing to a song. The possibilities are endless.

I will be handling the fic rewards and erinm_4600 will be handling the graphic rewards.

So come on down.....
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