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When you're under the weather

I tell you this, not for sympathy or to be cheered up, but to show that it does happen to everyone.

My blue cocktail du jour is Green/Blue Nyquil. I love the green/blue stuff, don't come near me with the red stuff. Cold, congestion, cough, sinus headache, not sleeping, whatever that's the blue of my cure. The rest of it consists of burger soup, hot chocolate, and shortbread cookies. Maybe some bread and butter if the mood and budget allow.

What I want a lot of when I get sick is pity, and if I'm not getting much from those around me (and as I live alone and the dog doesn't understand pity, just potty) I resort to self pity. I have long congested conversations with myself and watch period movies. It works for feeling a bit better.

It doesn't work for getting my word count up. I have a tendency, like I believe others do, to write with a slight basis in reality. While a fic about a character being under the influence of colds meds can be great, a fic written under the influence of blue and self pity rarely works.

So it happens that post nasal drip equals out to low word count. I know I'll feel better after the Nyquil is empty and the cookies are gone. It does make me feel a little bit worse at the moment, a little more piteous, but it shall pass. The sun will shine eventually, the tissues will go away, and the bunnies will nibble again.
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