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I chose the sex/love/kink card. I did all nine stories totally 6,463 words. Assume all stories are MATURE to EXPLICIT in rating...

I think I need another card too

title:Sex on the Beach
fandom Star Trek: Enterprise
pairing Archer/Tucker
prompt Sex on the Beach
word count 635

"What are you doing?" Jonathan asked as he watched Trip walk straight through the cottage they rented, stopping only to grab a towel from the stack near the back door, before he was out the door.

"Going swimming," Trip answered as he started to unzip his uniform as he walked.

"And your suit?"

"Birthday," Trip answered,walking out of his uniform, leaving it to lay on the sand.

"Trip, you can't do that."

"Watch me," he countered as he stripped off his undershirt leaving it as another marker on his path to the water.

"Trip..." John protested as he watched Trip shove his underwear off and walk into the water buck nude.

"Join me or shut up, Jon," Trip said just before diving under the water.

Shaking his head, Jon stripped off his own uniform, leaving it with the pieces of Trip's uniform he'd picked up and walked into the water. Trip did have a point about how the water felt on his body and how freeing it was. Not that he'd be ready to admit that right now. Maybe later. Diving in, he swam out to where Trip was treading water near the opening to their private cove.

"Nice huh," Trip said with a grin.

"You know it," Jon said pulling Trip to him, their legs intertwining as they kissed.

When they sank below the surface, Trip pushed them upward laughing and coughing. "If this is what skinny dipping does for you, maybe we should move this to the beach."

"The sand..."

"The towel. Lube in my uniform pocket."

"Always resourceful," Jon said as he kissed Trip again, running his hand down his lover's body to cup his cock.

"Race ya to the shore," Trip teased, pushing into Jon's hand before turning and swimming away.

"You're cheating."

Trip stopped and threaded water for a moment, "Faster I get there, the faster you can have your wicked way with me."

Jon just shook his head and started out after his lover. He definitely had plans on what he wanted to do to Trip. Always a strong swimmer, he caught up quickly to Trip and passed him by a stroke when their feet hit sand. Standing up, he pulled Trip to him and slid a leg between Trip's as he kissed him.

"Fuck Jon, do you know what you are doing to me?" Trip asked when they broke the kiss.

"Yes, And I know what else I am planning to do to you," Jon said as he maneuvered them down to lay on the towel and pile of clothing.

"Oh, what's that?" Trip asked, thrusting up against Jon.

"You'll see," Jon said with a smile as he leaned to kiss Trip again, reaching to pull one of their uniforms closer because he too had lube in his pocket. Coming up with a small tube, he kissed down Trip's body, keeping his body away from the sand. The last thing he wanted to do was get sand anywhere important that would draw their lovemaking to a halt.

As he prepared Trip, he watched the emotions play across Trip's face until he knew it was time. He repositioned himself, drawing Trip up onto his lap as his slid inside. With Trip's legs wrapped around his waist, he rocked them both, slowly building the pleasure until they both came with quiet cries.

Jon held Trip against him, shifting so he could sit more comfortably on the towel. It was moments like this, both of them, sated and holding one another that he loved and missed when their jobs kept them from doing more than satisfying a need. Although in retrospect, he should have waited until the were in bed before making love to Trip since the middle of their private beach in the morning sunshine wasn't conducive to prolonged cuddling.

title What He Needed
fandom Proof of Life
pairing Terry/Dino
prompt Rough Sex
word count 502

"You bastard. You scared the fuck out of me," Terry said as he slammed Dino bodily against the nearest wall and claimed his mouth in a brutal kiss.

"I knew what I was doing," Dino protested as he shoved Terry away.

Terry wasn't having any of Dino's macho bullshit so he grabbed him again spun him around so he faced the wall and used his arm to keep him there. "I know bullshit when I hear it mate," he growled against Dino's ear. Running one hand down Dino's chest he shoved his hand down the sweats Dino put on after he showered at the compound before they came home. Grabbing Dino's cock, he squeezed roughly stroking. When he heard Dino's curse turn into a moan, he shoved the sweats down. Spitting on his fingers he reach between Dino's legs to push a finger in and found Dino was already lubed.

"Bastard," Terry growled as he slid two fingers into Dino and used his other hand to undo his fly and pull his cock out. Spitting on his hand, he rubbed it on his cock. Pulling his fingers out he shoved in his cock, in one swift move.

"Harder," Dino encouraged pushing back against Terry.

"You like it like this don't you? You want me to use you?" Terry questioned and he reached down to grab the red heads cock and roughly stroke Dino as he pounded in and out.

"Is that all you got?" Dino challenged.

"Fuck you," Terry growled and released Dino's cock and braced himself against the wall. He proceeded to give Dino exactly what he wanted and pound into him. He listened to the muffled curses and encouragement as he slammed into Dino. He felt his orgasm rush up and as he was about to slam into Dino one last time to come, he felt Dino's body tighten on his cock and Dino growled out his orgasm as he followed suit.

He caught Dino as he slumped against the wall. "Bed. Now," Terry said pulling out and guiding Dino through the sitting room of their suite to the bedroom. Tearing the spread back, he pushed Dino to the bed while he pushed his jeans off and walked into the bathroom to get a wet cloth to clean Dino up again and make sure he hadn't done any damage. When he had Dino cleaned up ands tripped of their rest of his clothes, he stripped out of his own shirt and crawled into bed, pulling Dino to him.

"You okay?" he said as he ran his hand down Dino back.

"I am now," Dino answered, kissing Terry's chest.

"You're a fucking liar mate."

"Yeah, but you always know what I need and want," Dino admitted.

"Always." Terry knew it was Dino's way to let him know it had been harder than he let on, he'd always been able to see through Dino's bluffs. "Sleep now Dean. I got ya."

"You always do," Dino echoed his earlier comment as he yawned.

title Cleaning Up
fandom Hawaii Five-O
pairing Steve/Cath
prompt Sex in the Shower
word count 510

Cath stood in the shower letting the hot water pour over her head, the mud running off her body and down the drain. She had no idea now she'd let herself be talked into taking the ropes course with people she didn't know. But she wasn't happy about being covered head to foot with mud, especially since it had started to itch as it dried on her skin. Steve was going to owe her big time for this since it had been his idea in the first place.

When the water started to run a little clearer, she washed her hair first, making sure all the little clumps of mud were gone and the water was running clear once again. That done, she pulled the soap from the shelf and lathering up the wash cloth she started at her ankles to wash the rest of the red dirt from her body.

She jumped slightly when she heard the curtain on the shower move, but she knew it could only be Steve since she'd set the alarm when she came in.

His arms came around her as his body pressed against hers.

"Need some help?"

"Be my guest," she said placing the cloth in his hand.

She sighed as he pulled back only slightly to lather the cloth up with fresh soap and began to rub it across her back and shoulders, pressing his cock against her at every opportunity. When he finished with her back he pulled her close so she was once again fitted to his body. He rinsed and relathered the cloth with soap and started cleaning her front, lifting each of her breasts and gently rubbing the cloth over her nipples before moving on. When his hands drifted down between her legs, she knew she was lost and just pushed back against his erection.

He repositioned so his cock slid between her legs as he continued to caress deep into causing her to rock back and forth against him. When she couldn't take too much more she tried to push his hands away. She allowed him to turn her and brace her shoulder against the shower wall and he lifted her with her legs going around his hips as he slid into her. She rested her head against the wall holding on to him as he moved for both of them until she came from the friction against him and felt him coming as well.

She went limp in his arms and he held her close, keeping her sheltered from the water that had now turned cold.

"What brought that on?" She asked when she found her voice again.

"You looked damn sexy covered in mud."

"You bastard," she declared half heatedly as they walked out of the shower and headed straight for the bed without drying off.

"You love me though..."

"Sometimes I wonder why," she replied, as she started to drift off to sleep, the ropes course and shower sex had taken their toll on her, but at least she had Steve to cuddle with.

title Well Now...
fandom Avengers, MCU
pairing Tony/Steve
prompt Sexting
word count 200

Tony's phone beeped and he glanced at it to see if it was something he wanted to deal with or ignore. He saw it was a text message from Steve. This he had to read since Steve was still getting use to the new smart phones and texting always led to interesting things. He was sure this time would be no different.

Steve: what is your favourite sexual fantasy?

Tony: Cap what are you doing?

Steve: I thought I'd try out sexting

Tony: Are you trying to tell me something?

Steve: Maybe

Tony: As in you like guys, or as in you want to fuck.

Steve: both.

Tony: me?

Steve: No, Agent Coulson. Yes, you. I thought you were some kind of genius.

Tony: I am a genius, but this is a hell of a way to tell a person. Where are you?

Steve: The roof

Tony closed his phone and headed out of the lab. Two flights of stairs up, he was at the roof and heading toward a very nervous looking Steve Rogers. Walking up to the out of time superhero, he placed his hands on either side of Steve's face and simply said, "yes" before kissing him.

title Living in the Moment
fandom The Walking Dead
pairing Daryl/Beth
prompt lips picture
word count 200

Daryl walked with Beth by his side, the house burning at their backs. He knew more than what was obvious had changed that night. Part of him mourned the innocence Beth lost, but as she looked at him, her lips red with one corner caught in her teeth, he knew there was more. He wanted her, but while there was no way he'd fuck her and take the last piece of her innocence out here while they were on the run, he was going to kiss her. Pulling her closer he slowly leaned down, giving her every chance to pull away before he kissed her.

She tasted of the moonshine they drank and a sweetness he knew was her alone. When he felt her give in to him, fisting her hands in vest. He pulled back giving her one more soft kiss. Neither of them knew what was going to happen next so he took that moment when they had shared so much of themselves to share just a little bit more before the life they were living intruded on the moment they created with the moonshine.

He also knew there was no way he'd forget the taste of her.

title Needing to Forget
fandom CSIM/Star Trek Enterprise. AU
pairing Horatio/Trip
prompt Sex with a Stranger
word count 1611

author note this is a teaser to a Big Bang sharpiesgal and I will be writing this spring...

Horatio sat at the bar wishing he was a lot drunker than he was. He needed something to take the images of the murdered children out of his mind and Susan, being his bartender and a good friend, had cut him off early, before he could get totally numb. Right now he wasn't thanking her, but he was pretty sure he would tomorrow.

Loosing himself in the haze of anonymous sex wasn't even an option as he looked around the bar. Too many couples, too many seriously straight men, and a woman was *not* what he wanted right now. He wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. That was until he watched the blond man walk in with jeans tight enough to show off his package off perfectly. He watched as the man headed to the bar and sat just a spot or two away from him and ordered a bottle of beer. Not a draft but a bottle. He continued to nurse his last scotch as he watched the blond man mouth the bottle as he drank and wondered what those lips would feel like wrapped around his cock.

With a sigh, Horatio stood up and pulled his half drank glass to him. If he sat there any longer watching the blond, he was going to embarrass himself. So he carried his glass and headed toward the door.

"Horatio, where do you think you are going?"

"The patio," he answered Susan's question not bothering to look back at her as he pushed the door open.

"It's raining out there."

"So what. It's Florida. The rain is warm," he answered again, as he walked through the door. He never saw the look pass between Susan and the blond.

Sitting down in one of the wooden lounge type chairs he pulled a second over with his feet and propped his feet up on the chair. Leaning back, he cradled his glass on his chest sipping occasionally as he willed his erection to go away.

Hearing the door open and close, he didn't bother looking, he just. Took a sip of his scotch and said, "Susan, I don't need a babysitter."

"Never have I ever been called Susan, and babysitting is not in any job description I've ever held."

"Fuck," Horatio muttered as he sat up quickly and looked over at the blond holding two bottles of beer in his hands. The current object of his lust was standing before him in the rain with an extra bottle off beer in his hands. "What do you want?"

"You looked like you could use a friend, so I convinced the bartender to let me bring you a beer."

"And what if I really didn't want to talk about it?" Horatio countered, which was pretty much the truth. He didn't want to talk about what kept him up at night because he saw the broken bodies every time he closed his eyes.

"Then I will sit and drink with you, kind of my duty since I convinced The bartender to also give me this."

Horatio looked at the blond and noticed the bottle of scotch in the other hand. "What did you promise her to let you have it?" Now he was suspicious.

"That I would drive you home, before or after you finished it."

"Drive me home now so we don't have the busy body giving me her disapproving glare while we drink," he stated. Susan did tend to mother hen him, plus having the blond drive him home gave him a better than average chance of getting fucked.

"After you."

Horatio took the offered hand, allowing the stranger to pull him up and together they headed toward a shiny black Jeep Wrangler.

"By the way, my friends call me Trip."

"Horatio," he said getting into Trip's car. When the blond was pulling out of the parking lot, Horatio instructed, "head west to the next key and turn right. I'm at the end of the road."

"Rather isolated aren't you?"

Horatio just smiled as the crossed the bridge and debated telling Trip the truth, but then decided what the hell. "Better that way. No one to piss off when I walk down my beach on the buff to go swimming."

"You do that a lot?"

"Every chance I get," Horatio stated with a laugh, pointing out the road to turn down.

"Tell me you aren't contemplating doing that tonight?"

"I might," he answered with a shrug. If he couldn't drink himself into oblivion, and he still wasn't sure he could get Trip to fuck him senseless, then swimming until he couldn't swim any longer might do the trick.

"You'll drown yourself."

"Thought that was your purpose here. To keep me from doing anything stupid?"

"I believe Susan wanted me to keep you from killing yourself."

"Hmmm..." Horatio thought for a moment. "So let's take that bottle of Southern Comfort and sit in the hot tub."

"You have a hot tub too?"

"Of course. This might be Florida but sometimes it does get too cold to swim, and the sound of the water helps me think."

"So hot tub it is."

"You planning on staying then," Horatio asked as they pulled to a stop in front of his house..

"You think I'd miss the chance of seeing you walk naked down the beach."

Horatio got put of the car and met Trip in front of the jeep. Pushing him against the hood, he ground his groin against Trip's asking, "Are you flirting with me?"

"If you can't tell I'm making a pass at you then you've definitely had too much to drink."

He didn't bother answering Trip with words, he pushed in and claimed the blond's mouth for a demanding kiss that was answered in kind.

"Jesus, your mouth should be illegal."

"Arrest me then, because I plan on doing a lot more with my mouth before you fuck me," Horatio stated before biting at Trip's neck. Only to be pushed away.

"House. Now."

"Demanding aren't you?" Horatio said as he pulled Trip away from the Jeep and headed toward the front door

"You started this, and y can't tell me you haven't wanted fucked since I walked in the door of the bar."

Once again he answered on action pushing Trip against the door, claiming Trip's mouth as he reached down to cup the blond's cock. "And what about you? You've been hard since we walked out of the bar together."

"Horatio, you are every gay mans wet dream; a red headed cop."

"Who said I was a cop?" Horatio asked as he fumbled with the key. Trip's body pressed against his and the blond's hands on his hips were making it hard to concentrate.


They both said together.

Horatio stumbled through the door with Trip right behind him undoing his clothes. He knew there was no way they were going to make it to the hot tub let alone have another drink. Not with both of them hard and wanting. Turning toward his bed room, he was backed through the door until he hit the bed. Both of them fighting damp clothes to reveal skin and when they finally had skin bared, Horatio moaned as Trip pushed him back on the bed and covered his body.

"How do you want it," Trip whispered in Horatio's ear.

"Fuck me," Horatio moaned and laid back enjoying every sensation as Trip worked his body over.


"Bedstead drawer," Horatio stuttered, pointing to the stand, as Trip laid between his legs blowing air across his cock. He groaned as Trip moved, brushing against his cock as he reached for the lube and condems.

"Shhh," Trip whispered as kissed him.

"Hurry the fuck up," Horatio growled as Trip took his time returning to his position between his legs.

"Demanding aren't you?"

"You have no idea," Horatio said with a laugh turned to a moan as Trip sucked his cock down and slipped a lubed finger into his ass.

"Happy now?" Trip asked pulling off Horatio's cock with a pop.

"More..." Horatio pleaded babbling as Trip continued to suck his cock and work fingers in and out of his body bringing him to the edge over and over again until he couldn't form words from the desire. He clenched his fingers in Trip's hair and pulled hard when he couldn't take too much more. Spreading his legs, he moaned as Trip pushed completely in in one swift move. The burn, the fulling, he couldn't get enough of the feeling. Trip leaned down to kiss him deeply before pulling away, hooking his arms under His knees and started to pound into him.

He felt his orgasm coming and shouted out as he came all over both their chests. It wasn't too much longer before he felt the final thrust that indicated Trip yes coming as well. He barely remembered Trip wiping his body off or the feel of the blond curled next to him, fingers lightly running up and down his chest as sleep came.


Horatio woke as the sun came through the windows. He ass hurt from being well fucked and he smiled. He didn't expect his 'date' to stay but just once he'd like to have someone to wake up with.

Reaching over he found a glass of water, two aspirin, and a note.

"Horatio, hated to leave, but business calls. Hope to meet you again. Trip."

With a smile, he folded the note and hoped to see the blond again if for no other reason than the fact he had the first good nights sleep without dreams of murdered children in a very long time.

title Finding Time
fandom Star Wars Prequels
pairing Qui/Obi
prompt Sex on a plane
word count 500

Obi-Wan followed Qui-Gon on board the transport. They were off on yet another mission after having just arrived at the Temple a few hours before they were leaving again. He was tired from their last mission and the only good thing about this latest peace talks they were on their way to was that they had a little over a two days of travel to get there.

As usual they were assigned a cabin together. Just once he'd like to have a cabin to himself. He needed a little relief and with Qui-Gon already in his ambassador frame of mind there was no way he'd be able to relieve himself, let alone have Qui-Gon's participation, which is really what he wanted.

Sitting down on the bed with a sigh, he removed his outer robes and boots until he was clad only in his tunic and leggings. Crossing his legs, he closed his eyes and cleared his thoughts, trying to put everything out of his mind but the mission at hand. For the first time in a long time, he was unsuccessful.

"Padawan?" Qui-Gon question as he came in and sensed his students unrest. "Are you unwell?"

"No Master, just tired and unable to concentrate," he answered hoping his Master wouldn't sense the slight lie in his words.

"Obi-Wan. Do not lie to me."

"I am sorry, Master. I am tired. I was just hoping for a little down time together before getting sent off again."

"As was I, Obi-Wan. As was I," Qui-Gon admitted, sitting next to his student. "We have several hours. Let us take some time for ourselves and then we can prepare for our mission," Qui-Gon suggested, reaching out to cup Obi-Wan's face.

Obi-Wan didn't reply, but instead reached out to mirror his master and opened his mind to him. Silently they stood and finished undressing each another, letting their feelings flow freely to one another. When they were both freed from their clothing they lay down, bodies fitted together, legs intertwined. They kissed and slowly began to thrust against one another taking their time to feel what the other was feeling as they moved together. They only picked up their pace when they sensed each was close to completion. Their silence was broken by soft cries into their kiss as they came together.

"Sleep now Obi-Wan," Qui-Gon said as they shifted and cleaned the essence of their joining from their bodies.

"You too Qui-Gon," he encouraged.

As he lay quietly in Qui-Gon's arms this was one solution to his exhaustion and restlessness he hadn't expected, but then maybe he should have learned a long time ago to expect the unexpected from his master. He felt the transport shudder and knew they had reached the point where they could go to hyperspace. This peaceful time was drawing quickly to an end and they would once again be master and apprentice and their role as lovers put away until they could make the time to be together again.

title Healing Touch
fandom Avengers, MCU
pairing Phil/Clint
prompt Slow Sex
word count 1256

Clint walked into the bed room and saw Phil laying face down on the bed. "Tough session," he asked as he sat down on the edge of the bed next to Phil.

"The worst so far."

Running a hand down Phil's back, he told his lover, "give me a few minutes and I'll make you feel better."

"Clint... I don't think..."

Clint laughed and gave Phil a gentle pop on his ass. "Dirty old man. I wasn't thinking about that. I am going to give you a massage."

"Is that what you are calling it these days?"

"Bad, bad man," Clint teased and with a light kiss to Phil's cheek, he got up. "Sleep some more and I'll be back in a bit." He waited until he saw Phil's eyes drift closed again before quietly walking out of the room. He'd give Phil a chance to sleep a little bit which would give him time to heat the stones and make sure the oil was warm. When Joel, Phil's physical therapist, had called him to say Phil was going to be sore and had refused a massage, he knew he'd finally get a chance to put into practice the lessons he'd been taking from Joel and his assistant.


He'd checked on Phil several times as he'd gathered towels, the warmer for the oil and the stones, and then showered, slipping on a pair of pajama pants. He let Phil sleep for a little over forty-five minutes before going to sit next to him on the edge of the bed and gently caressing his back until Phil started to stir.

"Hey," Phil said still half asleep.

"Hey, ready for your massage?"


"Sit up and let me get some towels under you and you can lay on your stomach. I'll start with your back," Clint requested and smiled as Phil rolled one way, then the other way, not necessarily helping Clint get the towels in place, and in some respects hindering. But when Phil was naked next to him he really couldn't complain.

The first thing he did was settle a warm moist towel over Phil's back and when it started to cool, he launched it toward the bathroom door, replacing it with the hot stones on either side of Phil's scar while he rubbed oil into the rest of Phil's back. He worked every knot out of Phil's back, replacing the stones every time they started to cool. He caressed Phil's butt, allowing oil to slid down between the cheeks all the while resisting the urge to follow with his fingers. As much as he wanted to make slow love to Phil, he wanted to make his lover feel better after a tough therapy session more. Then he massaged Phil's legs, making sure there were no knots in his hamstrings and calves. When he reached Phil's feet he rubbed the soles and then had Phil roll over. Replacing the stones along the front of Phil's scar, he want back to his lover's feet and reversed his path and working up Phil's body. Other than a quick kiss to the trip of Phil's semi-hard cock as reached the top of Phil's legs and massaged his hips, he ignored anything sexual.

Sitting next to Phil, he slowly and gently massaged Phil's chest, making sure he gently worked the knots and tension from the pectoral wall and in particular Phil's left shoulder and arm where he'd been immobilized while his heart healed. When he finished, he sat back and replaced the stones around Phil's scar one more time. Gently using one well oiled stone to almost caress up and down the scar.

"How do you feel?" He asked pulling the cooled stones off.

Phil didn't answer, he just pulled Clint down for a kiss.

"That good huh?" Clint teased as he pulled back slightly to bring a hand up and cup Phil's cheek.

"Because of you," Phil answered, then pulled Clint down for another kiss. "Make love to me," he requested against Clint's lips.

Clint pulled back. "I didn't think you were up for that."

"I didn't think I would be either, but you made me feel better."

"How?" Clint asked as he leaned to gently drop a kiss on Phil's forehead.

"On our sides. Nice and slow."

"I can do that," Clint said as he ran his hand down Phil's chest and over his cock to cup his balls.

Phil laughed. "I'm sure you can," he said shifting to lay on his side his back toward Clint leaving himself open for Clint to prepare him and make love to him.

Never one to deny his lover, Clint reached back to the night stand and grabbed the lube and set to preparing Phil, slowly and gently kissing his back along the scar as he did. When Phil was completely ready and pushing back against Clint's fingers he positioned himself and slid in slowly concentrating on not coming immediately as he felt Phil's body close around his cock. With Phil's head on his right arm he looped his left over and caressed up and down Phil's chest, gently caressing a nipple, pinching it gently before moving down to slowly stroke Phil's cock in time to his slow thrusts.

They had tried to make love once before since Phil's miraculous recovery, but that had been a colossal failure. This time he was going to make sure Phil was okay. Every step of the way. He listened to every sound Phil made making sure they were all of pleasure as he shifted every so slightly to try and find just the right spot that would bring Phil the most pleasure.

When he felt Phil press back against him harder, he tightened his grip on Phil's cock and striker harder and a little quicker until he could feel Phil's body spams around his and quietly moan his release. He wanted so badly to ram into Phil's body but he wasn't about to do anything that hurt Phil. So he continued to slowly slide in and out until he felt his own orgasm building. He didn't know if he wanted to pull out and come all over Phil's back or if he wanted to continue to feel the squeeze of Phil's body as it milked him dry. He started to pull out, having decided on the former so he didn't make Phil too sore when he felt Phil reach back to grab his hip.

"Stay. Take me."

Leaning forward, he kissed Phil's back and drizzled a little more lube over his cock before sliding back in and taking Phil at his words he thrust a little harder until he came.

"God I love you," he said breathlessly, as he slowly pulled out of Phil's body.

Phil rolled toward him and wrapped his arms around him. "I've missed being able to feel you inside me. I've missed being loved so thoroughly by you."

"It was horrible when I couldn't get close to you. And I could still kill Fury for not telling me about what they did to you."

"Let it go, Clint. We're here together now and Fury knows he has to deal with us as a team from now on."

Clint just nodded, and pulled Phil's head to his chest. Gently rubbing his back as he felt Phil drift back to sleep. He needed to clean them up but he could wait a while. He wanted to feel Phil's arms around him and his breath across his body for a little while.

And Last but certainly not least

title Reunion, Long Time Coming
fandom West Wing
pairing Leo/Ainsley
prompt Sex on the Dining Table
word count 1049

author notes for helsinkibaby because it's her fault I love this pairing...

She nervously knocked on the door to his condo. She'd left, because she wanted to be more than a secret tryst to him while he lived his life without her. She learned a lot while she was gone, and more since she came back. The news of his heart attack scared her. The news that there wasn't anyone in his life gave her hope. Which is why she now was knocking on his door, more scared than she'd ever been before.

When he opened the door, for the first time in her life she didn't know what to say. She just stared at him taking in all the changes since she left.

"Ainsley?" He questioned.

"Hello Leo," she managed to spit out.

"Ah, come in," he offered and when she came in and slipped her shoes off, he looked at her and asked, "Two questions. Are you just visiting, or are you here to stay?"

"That's what I've always loved about you Leo, straight to the point," she said looking it him.

"No babbling Ainsley, answer the question," he told her, his hand still on the door knob holding on as if his life depended on it.

She knew him well enough to tell he wasn't playing. He wanted an answer and wanted it now. "Staying, if you'll have me."

"About damn time," he said, letting go of the door knob to pull her into his arms.

"I'm sorry it took me so long," she said into his shoulder as he held her tight against him. "I just didn't... I was so confused..."

"You're here now," he told her shifting so he could look at her before leaning to kiss her gently.

She sighed as she felt his lips on hers. It had been so long for them. The gentle kiss turned so something more in no time as they fueled the passion that had been denied since she left. Soon he was pushing her back down the hall until they came into the kitchen and she ran into the table.

Leo lifted her onto the table as he continued to kiss her, his hands running up and down her back and along her legs. He pulled back slightly to look at her and saw the desire on her face and knew this was what they both needed right now and the words would come later. He skimmed his hands up her bare legs and slid under her skirt pushing it up and out of his way. When he reached her panties he grabbed and pulled, hearing the material rip and her giggle at the same time.

"I've missed you," she said as she ran her hands down his chest to his waist and unbuckling his belt. When she reached for his zipper, he pushed her hands aside and undid it himself, pulling his erection out as he shoved his trousers and boxers downward. "Leo," she said as she pulled him closer.

"I should be taking you to bed, doing this right," he whispered against her lips as he pulled her to the edge of the table, slipping his fingers inside her.

Quietly moaning,, she rested her head against his shoulder as he moved his fingers inside her. "No," she finally was able to think and answer. "This is perfect. Just like our first time at my old apartment."

He didn't say anything more, he pulled his fingers from her, and positioned himself to slide inside. He moaned as he entered her and felt her legs wrap around his waist. He missed this. He missed her. And as she leaned back to brace herself on the table he followed, using his free hand to unbutton her blouse so he could rest his face against her bare abdomen. Kissing her as he slowly moved.

She wrapped one arm around him, carding her fingers through his hair. She wanted him to go slow. She wanted him to go fast. She just wanted him and to be with him. And she was pretty sure she was saying all of that out loud but she couldn't be sure because she was caught up in the feel of him moving inside her and his fingers as he played and stimulated her until she knew she wouldn't last long.

The smell of her skin. Her fingers in his hair. Her legs around his waist. The feel of her body surrounding him pulling him, holding him inside. The words tumbling from her as he made love to her. He wasn't going to last, not this time, not after not being with her for so long.

And when they held on to each other afterward drained and happy, he was unable to stop kissing her. Her lips, her cheek, her forehead when she tried to blush and hide from his words as he whispered how she made him feel, between kisses.

"What's next?" She asked quietly afraid of his answer.

"A shower together. A nap. Then we go to wherever you have your clothes so you can change and pack a bag and then we are having dinner with Jed and Abby, before coming home. Here," he told her and waited for her to implode at the thought of having dinner with the President and First Lady.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh boy, we are. You want to do that? I'm not sure I can. Definitely," she said hoping she got everything in the right order and when she saw him smiling at her indulgently she knew she probably had.

"Yes. I'm sure. I'm not making the same mistake twice. And you better get used to it if you are staying especially since you do know I'm on the ticket as Santos's running mate."

"Yeah, I know. And I knew we'd be doing that, I just... Not tonight... Oh hell..."

He laughed with her. Her babbling when she got nervous always delighted him as much as it exasperated other people. But this was a new start for them and she was going to have to get use to it as he was sure he'd have to as well.

Stepping back he pulled he from the table and held her hand as he led her thought the rest of his condo toward the bedroom and the promised shower.

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