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And' I'm home sick with a feverish cold, which is why this is so late. *sigh*

It's an amazing Monday! And do you know why? Well, let me tell you some of the 2.8 million reasons why. 2.8 million!!! I'm still squeeing! How wonderful is that? We are over 300 THOUSAND ahead of where we need to be to make 15 mil this year (Which, of course, means I'm upping the goal in my head)! It's so exciting.

And again, I need to address what a tremendous group we have here. In our struggle to keep up with you all, the YAY YOU or Thanks may seem mass produced, but please know that there is an overabundance of pride every time someone says Look what I did and an immense amount of gratitude every time we read a Go you! This really is such an amazing place because of all that each of you put into it.

And the Torchwood Squee was wonderful! Thanks to haldoor, hanorganaas, and thtwzjustadream for hosting such a great week!

Big thanks to csichick_2 for having a great crossover month!!! I have to find time to read through more things!

I'm hoping to spam you some today, but that depends on how the brain works with the cold meds. Ah well.

So what are your big amazing plans to top last week?


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Mar. 3rd, 2014 04:28 pm (UTC)
I love seeing any comment, so thank you, really, for all that you do here :)

Ugh, Monday. I've worked the past 5 days straight and I work today and I work tomorrow. 7 days in a row, I know, isn't like, ground breaking long (except for me, who achieved about 7 hours of overtime last calendar week - administration is going to FLIPPPP) but it is exhausting, especially on my mental health, of which is already shattered. I hardly have time to write, let alone handle everything else going on (eating, what's that?). I have barely studied for my Stats test on Wednesday, and my stress level is sky high. Today will suck, because the train of suck started on Friday and literally has not ended. *sigh* And I am so tired. I just want to sleep in.

But I've already got some writing in today and am registering for Spring quarter in a few minutes. I can't wait for Wednesday though (just, not my dumb test) because I'll be hanging out with my friend Emily to watch American Horror Story season 2 and party hard.
Mar. 4th, 2014 07:29 pm (UTC)
I had months like that in my relative youth. My last part time job I had to threaten to quit in order to get only week night so that I wasn't working 6 or 7 days. Not a fun thing.

YAY for words on top of that. VERY impressive.
Mar. 3rd, 2014 04:29 pm (UTC)
Already started working on my word goal for this month by posting some fic for you. :) Hopefully, it cheers you up.
Mar. 4th, 2014 07:07 pm (UTC)
It did! It did! I actually made it to work today, just because of that! ;)
Mar. 5th, 2014 12:27 am (UTC)
Mar. 3rd, 2014 06:30 pm (UTC)
I could definitely do better than last week. I don't think I did many words at all until Sunday, when I managed 700 in the jealousy fic! WOOT! My God, I started it so many weeks ago and hadn't been back - I had completely forgotten what I'd written and HOW MANY words there were. So if I seriously talk to myself this week, maybe I can finish that one off, and the even older and longer previous jealousy fic needs finishing too. I hope they're not too the same... and yeah, I still have two August Rush rewards to do, so they are also on my list.

Workwise, I'm hanging in - last weekend of overtime coming up (though I managed to evade it last week) and once that's done, I imagine we'll be dragged (kicking and screaming) back from reviews onto compliance letters (YAWN).

At home, the air is turning colder already, dammit (where did my very pathetic summer go?) and I have parent/teacher interviews coming up (well, LF's anyway) which will be fine and be a half-day off work that's actually a WOOHOO, and then I will be counting down the days to school hols in April when I take three days annual leave to get... wait for this... TEN DAYS OFF in a row because Easter and ANZAC day align perfectly to make it work. I am SO LOOKING forward to that, even though some might say the two weeks off I had in January should be my share. :D

I hope you're feeling better soon, babe. *sending virtual chicken soup*
Mar. 4th, 2014 07:50 pm (UTC)
YAY for overtime almost being over, and boo for summer almost being over. (although it means that my winter is almost over which I'm VERY grateful for).

Also, I'm insanely jealous of the amount of time you have off, so.... GO WRITE ME PORN!!!
Mar. 3rd, 2014 09:03 pm (UTC)
H is having end of summer blues, and I've got cabin fever. We're having January weather in March and while we did escape another round of snow (yay!) we still have had 13 storms since January 1st!! I am officially at the point where I want to bang my head against a wall. That said, I am lucky enough to be going to FLA to visit Animal Kingdom at Disney in 17 days - so I am going to think about that a lot and breathe deep.

Going to plot out a long story that I must now write all in a few days because I do that kind of thing. Ha.

And beyond that I'm taking absolutely everything a little at a time. That's my plan.
Mar. 3rd, 2014 11:49 pm (UTC)
Enough with Winter already! I'm so looking forward to Spring. We were lucky here in the Boston area and didn't get any of the storm.

Have a blast at Disney and enjoy the FL temps!
Mar. 4th, 2014 01:40 am (UTC)
Thank you - I will definitely try to, and will attempt to get some good pictures of the beasties to share. :)
Mar. 4th, 2014 07:57 pm (UTC)
I would tell you that winter will be gone before we know it. BUT it won't - Bitches! I'm so done! SO DONE!

That said, YAY FIC!!! YOU CAN DO IT!
Mar. 3rd, 2014 09:31 pm (UTC)
I agree that any comment is worthy and appreciated. :)

I live a boring life... no plans but to continue on with this burst of creativity I've found and keep it close and call it George if I have to!
Mar. 4th, 2014 08:06 pm (UTC)
Follow the burst! I agree! GO YOU!!!

And thank you!
Mar. 3rd, 2014 11:51 pm (UTC)
Hope you feel better soon! Drink lots of tea, watch some good dvds and rest!

The only plan for the week is to make some graphics and work on my mini-bingo card and hopefully have it done and posted by the weekend. After the mini card the plan is to work on the regular card.

Whoo Hoo look at us go!!!!
Mar. 4th, 2014 08:08 pm (UTC)
I've never cultivated an appreciation for tea. :( But I did finish my junkie watching of MI5.

Excellent plan! WE ARE DOING AWESOME!!
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