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Original fic: Plotting

Yo! Original writers, how are things? Written much this month? Tell us how your latest offering/s are going, and chat away amongst yourselves too - let's strike up some conversations on anything that you're after help or advice about.

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So, some questions/thoughts to get you started:

1. Do you plot? Do you plan your fic out in detail before you begin, or are you like me (generally) and fly by the seat of your pants?
2. If you do plot in advance, what's the most important part of your process? Characters, entire story, having scenes that you know you can expand into a bigger theme, or perhaps it's something else, like being in the right mood or having the right music/silence/equipment, and then opening up a document and just beginning?
3. Do your ideas flow as you move through the plotting process? Or do you have to begin writing to know if the plot is going to work?
4. Do you actively seek information before you begin, or do you begin to write and then research as and when needed?
5. If you'd like to, show us an example of something you think you plotted extremely well, or if it's easier, tell us about the story and why you think it's good, or why it works so well for you.
Tags: monday madness: original fic

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