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The Weekly Round Up - Challenges

The Weekly Round Up
Feb 22nd - Feb 28th

(apologies for missing last week, time was not my friend)
Throughout March we're playing Bingo! We've had lots of people signing up, cards have been assigned (it's not too late if you want to play!).  You can do anything for bingo, graphics, words, use the prompts for daily/weekly challenges.  It's a fun way of getting creations done and there are plenty of rewards to be had for completion.

Word of the Day

eschew / Implacable / perspicacity / ineffable / choler / imbroglio / Apogee

Tuesday AU - Medieval Times
Wednesday Image - Photomanipulation
Thursday Tropes - Head!Desk & So Done!
Friday Comment Fic - Misunderstanding
The Friday Quote
Genre Prompt - Livestock
Weekend Challenge - Music & Film

Fandom Squee - Torchwood
Torchwood Squee
Sexuality & Torchwood
Jones Ianto Jones
The Pretties
Life & Death


Bingo Sign Ups - There's still time to request a card
Bingo Rules & Info
Coming Attractions - What are you looking forward too?
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