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Retirement Planning Horatio/Trip G

title Retirement Planning
fandom CSI:Miami/Star Trek Enterprise
pairing Horatio/Trip
word count 325

Horatio growled as the traffic once again ground to a halt. He cursed every resident for leaving at the same time and every fucking tourist headed to the Keys for the music festival and a three day weekend.

He really was getting too old to continue commuting back and forth every few days. He and Trip had talked about him retiring in passing but Trip never pushed. He'd thought he could do it for a while giving Trip a chance to make a place for himself without him always being there. But... Maybe it was time to seriously consider, or even past time, to think about retiring before he killed himself by being too tired to drive or he fell prey to road rage and just flat out started shooting people who needed to go back to Driver’s Ed, because they obviously hadn't learned to drive the first time.

Taking a deep breath, he started to make a mental list of everyone he needed to call. First was his financial planner to make sure that it was a feasible as he thought it was. His realtor to put his condo as well as several other properties on the market, keeping only the one beach side house that was always rented six months in advance. Calleigh to give her a heads up that he was going to retire and recommend her for promotion. And finally his boss to have the retirement paperwork put in motion. If he worked it right, he could use the rest of his vacation time while the paperwork was processed and only have to go back to the lab to turn it over to Calleigh and pack up his office.

As he pulled off the highway to head home, he smiled. He felt lighter than he had in a long time after his drive home. He was about to set in motion the plans for their rest of his life with Trip.


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Feb. 27th, 2014 11:51 pm (UTC)
H has the right idea.

Retirement sounds wonderful. Not feasible for some of us, but something to aim for.
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