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Torchwood Squee #3: “Nice to meet you, Jones Ianto Jones….”

It’s that time in our Torchwood Squee: Time for Ianto Jones with a side of Janto. **Disclaimer: Spoilers all over the place in this one, and icons that include a John/Gareth snog for the cams at a comm.**


Ianto Jones:  I've got a secret weapon. Chocolate. Preferably dark.

That’s our Ianto: Sweet and familiar, but with secrets -  and a dark side you didn’t see coming.

Ianto wasn’t my favorite of the group at first. The story line with Lisa, while really awful and heartbreaking, was kind of…. crazy. Does anyone really keep their half dead lover who is also half cyborg hidden away and think it’s going to end well? I get obsession but that.... wow. If he’d taken a big step back when she killed the expert he brought in to help her, I think I could have gone with it – but his sticking with her until they were all just about dead lost me.

So I kind of disregarded Ianto – and then he turned out to be simply awesome; loyal and determined, conflicted, self-effacing and brave enough to dare to love Captain Jack.

The scene with him badgering Jack for the job is a favorite of mine - not just in this show but in just about any show. And them chasing the pterodactyl down and ending up on the floor? Yum.

His determination to do his job the very best he can, despite his conflicted feelings about the missions they have to deal with – that felt very real to me.

I wish I’d found the show earlier, and could have watched it spool out week by week – I’d like to think I’d see the Janto relationship coming, would have enjoyed the tease leading up to it, the will they or won’t they. And then that kiss, and Jack telling him he wouldn’t trade it for the world, coming back to them all….. gah and guh and hell yes. And the moments of fun they had- naked tag and the occasional needy eyes were all fun. I was even good with the way Jack resisted coupledom and Ianto gently expressing frustration with that – it also felt very accurate and real-world to me, that phase where you're still not sure what you're willing to be to each other.

There are, I’d say, two truly heartbreaking moments surrounding Ianto. The first was Gwen talking with his sister, and finding out that so much of what they knew about him never was the case. What it said about his own insecurities and about the truths and the lies we tell the people close to us…very sad. I felt cheated for them and for us and for Ianto, too, for him not daring to be fully himself.

And of course…. Children of Earth. Ianto dying in Jack’s arms  - telling Jack he loves him only to have Jack reply “Don’t!”  That was one of those ‘jump off the couch’ moments for me. I’m not saying I wanted harps and goo and Jack murmuring ‘I love you’ back but….. that degree of rejection for something precious and genuinely given was pretty horrible.

I’ve read the articles that say Ianto was the sacrifice the season demanded- and how it explains Jack being wounded enough, compromised enough to then sacrifice his grandson, but….I’m not sure that makes it better for me. We’ll have more in the squee about the tone of the seasons and how it all went so dark; meantime, here is a little fic of mine, where Jack gets another chance to say goodbye to Ianto. I know it was done in a radio play, but couldn’t resist writing one of my own.

I’d love to hear what others took away from both Ianto, and the Jack/Ianto pairing – especially if you watched the show from the get go, unlike those of us who watched it in big gulps of five episodes at a clip or so. ;).


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