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Torchwood Squee Week!

So, last month we had Doctor Who... and this month, we are bringing you squee on its most marvellous spin-off, TORCHWOOD!


Now, many of the pics are only thumbnails, but they are all clickable to see the bigger version.

 photo DoctorWho1_zps0fb59330.jpg

Now, for those of you not in the know (there can't be many), Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who, and features the character Captain Jack Harkness, who was introduced in Series One of the new Dr. Who, when Nine and Rose went back to WWII England.

 photo captjack-ten_zpsd19f3b0e.jpg

He also spent a fair bit of timey-wimey with Ten, and, as becomes apparent very quickly, he's an Intergalactic Man Whore. Jack flirts with everyone and everything; that's just who he is:

Anyway, Torchwood itself is special place; a group of people who look into and solve issues to do with aliens and other worlds, especially anything that gets through the Rift in time and space that exists over the city of Cardiff, where they are based.

 photo Torchwood-team_zpsea3036d6.jpg

Here are ten ways to know you're at Torchwood:

And as for the kisses - as the last video shows, everyone makes out. Jack, along with the flirting, is king of the kisses too. Here are some of his best ones from Dr. Who and the early days of Torchwood:

And in case you don't get the whole Jack thing, here's one more video to get you on board:

My job today was really to offer you some prompts for creating things in the Torchwood fandom, so now I've outlined a few basics, how about some ideas to kick things off!

Image makers, please feel free to use any of the above pics (thumbs are all clickable to larger versions in my Photobucket account), or try some of the ones below, for making icons, walls or banners of any kind.

 photo captjack-intergalacticmanwhore_zps11264f0c.jpg

 photo torchwood-coe-three_zps32b87106.jpg  photo Torchwood-team-offscreen_zps9d767978.jpg

 photo torchwood-jack-thatcoat_zpse6274094.jpg  photo Torchwood-Ianto-Jones-stern_zps9b833b65.jpg

Or go ahead and find your own pics if you'd rather – it's all fine, and we want all of it! (not that we're greedy). I must admit to being a bit swayed by the Jack/Ianto... but I'll be giving you some more pretties later in the week, so if you want to wait for those pics, that's great too.

Now, for words... Everyone knows Jack and Ianto 'dabble'. Maybe some of these will get the Jack/Ianto shippers going:

- "He always cheats."
- "If you're interested, I've still got that stopwatch."
- "Hi there."
- "Innovative, bordering on the Avant Garde."
- "I like the suit."

And if you prefer some other pairings or characters, feel free to put a spin on those classic phrases from the show, or perhaps use something else altogether. Here's a few random ideas:

- Tosh gets cornered by a weevil in one of the Hub corridors. Owen arrives just in time to...
- Gwen decides not to marry Rhys; Jack tells her...
- Jack and Gwen seem to be getting closer and closer now Tosh and Owen are gone. Ianto feels...
- The doctor (whichever one you like) visits the Hub and seems to be spending more time with Ianto than Jack likes...
- Adam is back. No one remembers him, but this time Tosh wants to...
- Jack and Ianto's date that we never saw
- Jack and Gwen and the hookup they had but don't talk about
- Jack and Gwen travel off planet (timey-wimey optional) to save Rhys. Or Ianto. Or ... (fill in a name) from the aliens that kidnapped them.
- Owen and Tosh's date that never happened
- Jack a thousand years from now
- Jack returns to say goodbye to a very elderly Gwen
- Jack finally dies- how? His last thoughts?
- Crossovers: Jack/Castiel or... Sherlock interviews Ianto for the job of his #2 or... the whole Torchwood team on the Enterprise...

Your mission is to write a drabble, a 500 word fic, or something bigger if you've time! Along with our image creators, have these ready to post or link in a comment in the last post of the Torchwood Squee week, which will be on 28 February. Get ready, and go!

Any questions? Feel free to ask. Want to tell us about your Torchwood experience/s? Comment away!

And thtwzjustadream has made some fabulous banners and icons for us to grab, so feel free to pop over here to check them out and D/L any you like. Just credit Dreamy and you're good to go. ;-)

Come back tomorrow when we'll have more Torchwood for you to join in with!
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