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WEEKEND CHALLENGE: Matchmaker...Crossover Edition

In the spirit of crossover month since it was SUCH a success last time I am going to do this again this time....WITH CROSSOVERS

Here how its gonna work (Pretty much the same as last time EXCEPT with a few changes)

1) You are going to say HIT ME! And give ALL of your Fandoms you want to write about.
Example: (I did this with myself because I will be doing this challenge as) I put in all my fandoms Such as SGA, Glee, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Torchwood Etc.

2) I will first put all the fandoms in a list and the first six fandoms will be paired off into crossovers.
Example I got: The Hunger Games, Stargate Atlantis. Hawaii Five, Doctor Who, Glee and Sherlock. So my crossovers are The Hunger Games/Stargate Atlantis, H50/Doctor Who and Glee/Sherlock.

3) I will then randomize each list of characters to get your pairs.
Example I got: Finnick Odair/Elizabeth Weir, River Song/Danny Williams and Rachel Berry/Jim Moriarty

4) With that said you will write at least one of those couple in a fic with at least 100 words OR a graphic.

This challenge will be Slash and Het if your generated couple is Het, and you are a Slash writer, you can either A) write a Gen!Scene with them or B) if you really want to be romantic then I will gladly redo the list for you.

Should you accept this will be awarded with a drabble either by myself or thtwzjustadream OR a graphic by the Charming diek09

Good luck!
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